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Coto Movies Shut Down: As User Info Gets Exposed, Authorities May Come After Some

The developers of Coto Movies have agreed to share their user data with the authorities.

Piracy is bad. Of course, you and I know that. Popular media streaming app, Coto Movies, learned this recently after being caught. Coto Movies have been in the news for some disturbing news. So, how did it all start?

Tweakbox is an illegal software distribution service that offers ad-free and pirated versions of apps on iOS. The platform removed some of the  a after makers of Hellboy & Angel Has Fallen pursued the issue legally. In the subpoena, other names were mentioned as well including Popcorn Time, Coto Movies, and MediaBox HD. However, Coto Movies had a bad time with the issue. Soon after, the developers announced that they are closing down after the copyright infringement issue. They released a notification for their users and about their intention to quit.

Coto Movies Shut Down
Coto Movies Shut Down

were the ones targeted with this subpoena. But things got worse for CotoMovies. They announced a shutdown following this copyright infringement episode. The company mentions that users interested in keeping in touch with them should subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Coto Movies’ Statement

The app’s Twitter account was suspended as well. Coto Movies’ official website apologized to the users. It also stated that they are closing down the service. It finished off with advise to use legal apps for the purpose of watching movies and videos.

The statement reads, “I want to express my sincere regret to the owners of the motion pictures Hellboy and Angel Has Fallen as well as all rights holders for inducing and contributing to copyright infringements by my operation of the app CotoMovies. From this stressful legal experience, I have learned to appreciate the damage apps such as CotoMovies do to those who invest their time, effort and money to create motion pictures. I now plan to fully respect intellectual property laws and strongly urge those who used my app to use legal apps to watch movies.”

Coto Movies
Coto Movies

Exposing User Information

In the beginning, most users were dissatisfied by the fact that their favourite app was closing down. However, soon after that, users had more reasons for panicking. The developers of Coto Movies have agreed to share their user data with the authorities.

The statement continues, “To this end, I have agreed to transfer to counsel for the rights holders user data and communications under my possession and control so that they can enforce their valuable intellectual property.”

This means that if you have ever registered to use Coto Movies, all the information will now be with the authorities. In addition to taking action against the developers of the app, the authorities will now be able to take actions against the users as well. While such a situation is usually rare to see, but it can happen. In fact, anonymous users of the app Popcorn Time have encountered somewhat similar incidents. The movie companies to start the legal issue plan to bring the users to justice as well. However, we do not know for sure.

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