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TeaTV Apk Gone! One Of The Largest Streaming Apps For Movies & TV Shows Shutdown.

A stop to the growth of the unlicensed streaming industry.

From different reports, it appears that the main reason for the TeaTV app closure is because of their lack of advertising. While the app looked and felt official, it looks as if the developers were getting revenue from unlicensed content, such as streaming and more. Users would be able to easily watch a bootleg version of ultra-popular movies almost as soon as it is released. Most of these kinds of content are ones that are recorded from the back of a cinema. All one has to do is to download an app from the website, find the firm, and get it started. One catch here is that while the content is pirated, you will still have to go through the adverts.

Adverts and TeaTV

There are plenty of online platforms where you can easily lay hands on unauthorized content material. TeaTV is one of them. Known for having a large range of pirated films from main networks, the APK gained a lot of popularity. Users would find titles from HBO, Netflix, and Prime Film studios in addition to other streaming platforms. There have been advertisements showing for main advertisers with Walgreens, Amazon’s Fire TV, The Commerce Desk, Adroll, and so many more.


A Walgreens spokesperson said that they were not aware of the issue and they have a rule in place that does not allow adverts on websites with pirated content. The company mentioned that now that it has come to their attention, they are working to rectify the issue. It is a relatively easy task to have your unlicensed streaming in place. All one would really require is a server in a secret location where they would be able to store everything. By masking your IP address, they would also be able to ensure their safety. Comparatively speaking, their overhead amounts to almost nothing.


Users can select how they want to download the app to watch free 1080 movies. The download is available for Android, macOS, and Windows. It is believed that most companies are aware of the issue, but the adverts don’t stop. In a recent gathering of top industries in New York, TeaTV was discussed when the subject of ad-supported pirated content material came across.

TeaTV Content
TeaTV Content

There is no clue who is the owner or the managing entity behind TeaTV and the website is determined not to help us out in this matter as well. There are no contact details, nor any location mentioned there. The only thing you will be able to see is a Gmail address without any particular contact details. However, the developers’ Twitter account is highly active. This is where they help their users troubleshoot problems while sharing news about the latest releases.

While the unlicensed streaming industry is growing quickly, thankfully, there are organizations who are working to curb this. CreativeFuture is an advocacy group that works to work against content theft and maintain the intellectual property. They believe as much as $29.2 billion is misplaced within the U.S. economic system annually.

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