Realme finally releases its $20 Xiaomi Mi Band competitor

Are you a fitness freak? Do you love walking and doing various physical activities? Love staying fit and healthy? If yes, then here is something that might excite you. Here are all the details about the new Realme Xiaomi Mi band competitor to the Mi band series.

Realme finally releases its $20 Xiaomi Mi Band competitor

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band is a series of fitness trackers or smartwatches by Realme. It is an activity tracker that helps you track your fitness in various domains. You can measure your heart rate, calories, walking distance and a lot more.

The new fitness band in the Xiaomi series

The revelation of the new Xiaomi band took place on 5th March 2020. It is available to buy in the nearby Realme stores. It is available on Amazon stores as well. The best part of the band is that it is not very expensive. It is available for a pocket- friendly price of $20 only. It is available in three colors specifically being black, green and yellow.

Features in the Xiaomi Mi Band

This new band comes with a variety of features. It has a size of 0.96 inches and has a color display. Along with the display, the other features include a heart rate tracker, a sleep recorder and a workout tracker. Also, it is resistant to water.


The new fitness band is worth buying. Along with its wide variety of features, it also has a pocket- friendly cost. It is available to buy now. Also, the reviews of the watch are really impressive.

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