Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet Review

The Xiaomi MI offers the Smart Band 4 is the latest and most popular smart bracelet or band. You can refer to this article to know its highlights, value for money, well-prices and many others when compared to earlier fitness tracker’s company. In other words, the best product and value for money. At the 2020 Smarter Living Show, Xiaomi has launched numerous Smart devices within the Indian marketplace. Within the list, one available product is our Mi Smart Band 4 and no other mobile phones are listed.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet Review

Xiaomi informed that the latest fitness bracelet or band includes various smarter features and deserves the new mark. In the Indian marketplace, MI Smart Band 4 is much popular. This product has basic and appropriate features as well as useful and also valuable for your money.

It has rich-featured and is exceptional from other brands that include attractive prices, neatly designed and charged around Rs 2,300.

Highlights of Mi Smart Band 4

Find below the lists of highlights offered by Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 product:

Long standby time

Mi Smart Band 4 will offer an ultra-long standby time of around 20 days for an entire full charging.

Heart Rate Monitor (24 Hours)

Every day and every moment it continuously tracks your heart rate. After wearing the smart band, it will automatically start to record your Heart rate.

Calories or Distance or Count Steps Burned

You can record the entire activities by using the Mi Smart Band 4 such as Calories & mileage for your high-quality sports, remind to track your steps & also to have a rest, monitor your sleep, takes care of your health, calculate the calories burned and your walked distance, and many more.

Wake up the Screen by raising your Wrist

Without tapping, you can easily brighten the monitor screen by raising your hand to view the real-time status such as heart rate, time, and sports data.

Message Display of 3 Pages

It is supported and possible to view the latest 5 text messages. In case, if the text message is exceeding your display screen then you can tap the button to view the text message on the next page. You can view up to a maximum of 3 pages.

Reject Phone Calls & Notification Display

If you are connected to a Bluetooth connection and received an incoming call, then your caller ID will be displayed on the monitor screen. It is also possible to synchronize the app notification to your Smartwatch.

Sports Details Function –

You can enable anyone of the sports modes such as fast walking, riding, outdoor running, or treadmill by using the available sports modes under the Misfit App. You can lift your wrist for checking the speed, heart rate, mileage, length, and even other information on your Smart bracelet.

Water Resistant Rating with 5ATM Features

Water Resistant Rating with 5ATM is one of the best and most popular features that differ from other feature-laden watches or bracelets. It can work perfectly while swimming, surface, showering, accidental submersion, and even exposed to rain. Mi Smart Band 4 will able to withstand the equivalent pressure up to a maximum depth of 50 meters.

Touch Screen of 0.95-inch Color AMOLED

It includes the anti-fingerprint coating of 2.5D tempered glass, brightness adjustment mode, simplified touch screen experience, all-new smoother & user-friendly interface, Screen brightness up to a maximum of 450 units, and 120 x 240 pixels.

Design – Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Smart Bracelet or Band 4 includes a classy look and neat sports design to your wrist. Its appearance is similar to Mi Smart Band version 3 which does not include the curved screen.

The Mi Smart Band 3 version has a curvy on both sides while Mi Smart Band 2 version has a flat-screen. A new middle ground format was followed on the all-new Mi Smart Band version 4 to look with good end-result.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet Review

When compared with the Mi Smart Band’s earlier generations, the Band 4 version comes with an all-new removable wrist bracelet or band which is designed using the thermoplastic polyurethane (simply refer to as rubber).

With similarities to Mi Smart Band 3, the all-new Mi Smart Band version 4 also includes a capsule. The capsule includes the PPG heart rate sensors and 3-axis accelerometer that allows the wrist band to track the entire real-time activities and as well as your heart rate.

Performance – Mi Smart Band 4

The all-new Mi Smart Band version 4 includes numerous smart fitness features. It can easily monitor your sleep and as well as tracks the heart rate. It can also help to track real-time activities such as outdoor activities, swimming, cycling, running, and many more.

Your heart rate can be tested by turning on the heart monitor screen feature on your bracelet or band 4 by scrolling down (within the main page) and long-press the available touch button.

Apart from calculating the walked or run distance and monitoring your heart rate, it helps to measure your sleep pattern as well. When compared with the different app’s notifications and dealing with other sorts of reminders, the Mi Smart Band 4 version includes an additional feature such as “Find your Phone”.

It is possible to locate your misplaced or theft mobile phone. It also alerts and vibrates the users by using the alarms. You can make use of the controlled MiFit App.

It has new features within the MiFit App and its overall application is not changed. The most interesting feature available within the MiFit application is referred to as Night Mode. It will automatically dim the display during its scheduled time frame or at sunset.

Within one week of its usage, you can easily manage & track the accurate data of your tracking activity and as well as your sleep. Band 4 utilizes the GPS data for Exercise mode within the connected or paired mobile phone for heart rate tracking and better distance.

How to configure Mi Smart Band 4

It is much easier to configure the Mi Smart Band 4 and also connect the same to your mobile phones. This app is compatible & supported with various devices running on iOS version 9.0 and Android version 4.4 or above.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet Review

Within a few seconds, you can easily configure the Mi Smart Band 4 and connect the same with your mobile phone by following the below steps:

  • First, you need to download the app named MiFit app on your mobile phone. The application can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store and as well as the Google Play Store.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth connection on your mobile phone and then need to pair both the devices (your mobile phone and as well as the Mi Smart Band).
  • Now, you need to input your personal information such as Name, Height, Weight, and other required information to configure the MiFit application.
  • That information will be saved on your Smart Band to deliver better results.
  • Once your mobile phone is connected or paired with your Smart Band then you can toggle the numerous options such as Idle alert, App alerts, alarm, event reminder, incoming calls, and many others within the MiFit app. By performing these steps, you can utilize or make your Smart Band be more helpful & productive.
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