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The Worst Apple Watch Problems, And How To Fix Them

Find the solution for all your Apple Watch woes here.

Apple Watch is a very popular product in the wearable category. However, it doesn’t work always without glitches and issues. This article should throw some light on some of the worst Apple Watch problems along with solutions for handling it. 

Apple Watch sometimes enters the Airplane Mode on its own

Sometimes, you might notice that the Apple Watch enters the Airplane mode on its own. It might also activate the Night Mode or other features. It is hoped that a WatchOS update will solve the issue. Till then, give these methods a try. A possible solution could be to un-pair your Apple Watch and restart it. Once done, pair it with your iPhone again. Chances are that it will not enter the Airplane mode again. Another thing you can try is to factory reset your Apple Watch. 

The Worst Apple Watch Problems
The Worst Apple Watch Problems

Light bleed on Apple Watch Series 4 display

Light bleed from the Apple Watch Series 4 display is an ongoing problem for many Apple Watch users. This refers to the fact that one part of your Apple Watch may seem brighter than the other. It could also appear yellow, especially in dark surroundings. Since the screen is OLED, it could not be an issue with actual light bleed, but instead a problem with grey images. Since there is no way to deal with this on your own, you will need to approach Apple’s customer care team and get it replaced. While this problem is mainly seen in Series 4, it is also sometimes experienced in Apple Watch Series 3.

Walkie Talkie app not working

Many users have complained that the Walkie Talkie app is no longer working. This is because Apple has disabled this app after concerns about privacy came up where private conversations were being eavesdropped on without their consent. Apple is working on fixing this issue and it is a top priority for them. They aim to restore the functionality of the Walkie Talkie app as soon as possible. The company did the right thing to protect the customers’ privacy. 

Fixing Apple Watch Problems
Fixing Apple Watch ProblemsFixing Apple Watch Problems

Screen pops out of watch’s casing

There have been instances of users complaining that the screen of the Apple Watch pops out of the casing. This is being experienced by users from as early as 2015. It looks like the issue is due to battery. With the battery aging, it is susceptible to swelling, popping the screen out of the casing. While the Watch continues to work, it could be difficult to work with. The best way to deal with this would be to head to your nearest Apple Store. Since the issue is due to battery, the company will fix the issue or give you a replacement, according to the warranty terms. 

Apple Watch doesn’t charge

Many users have complained that their Apple Watch is not charging. If your watch is pretty new, take off the plastic attached with both the Watch and the charging equipment. Instead of using other chargers, use Apple Magnetic Charging Cable and the USB Power Adapter that came with the box. You could also try plugging the cable into different sockets. Trying switching the button off and turn on your Watch again and see if it is charging now. 

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