Android Auto update with silent notifications

Android Auto Update Invention

Google has always come up with great, intelligent devices with its technological advancements. Four years ago, on 19 March 2015, it came up with Android Auto. It is a mobile application, with the help of which you can display some selected notifications directly on your car’s dashboard.

Android Auto update with silent notifications

The most useful feature of Google Assistance comes with its use without touching it. I guess, you can well imagine how useful it can be for the drivers, who have both their hands busy while driving. So, Google invented Android Auto Update to help have a voice-controlled car and safe driving.

Benefits Associated

According to Google, this is to avoid all sorts of distractions that a driver will face when his/her mobile will pop with a notification. The driver every time will have to unlock his phone, which of course will add to the danger. But this smart, touch technology with voice recognition in the form of the Android Auto app will do that for you with much comfort.

The thought before this invention was that this would ensure the driver’s full concentration on the road and his hand on the staring wheel only. This actually proved to be successful to some extent. The driver could now access and control his android applications like e-mails, active chats, songs, and calls, etc.

The best feature that Android Auto came up with it is – it can show Google maps and can help you with the best-suited route to your input destination. It will tell you the route with the least traffic and will help you drive to your destination in the least time. As a result, this has proved to be really helpful for the drivers.

You can even speak to the device and need not type while driving. This will definitely help you with your safe driving. It will help you conveniently drive and easily get the required information from your smart mobile phones.

Another milestone to Safety

Recently, Google came up with another useful update, which will give you an option to silent the notifications from some of the applications. One can see this another step towards the security and safety of the driver. The driver can now easily navigate using Android Auto while keeping all the notifications silent, i.e. un-distracted, guided driving.

Another update came up with the feature that the notifications will not produce sound. It will pop-up on the screen and will not disappear until you swipe it aside. This is only when the toggle is activated. It is not ideal.

Phone’s compatibility with Android Auto

The smartphones with the Android version of 9.0 or below will have to download the free Android Auto app. But the phones with Android version 10 come up with built-in functionality.

Phones with Android 5.0 need to have an active data plan to use Android Auto. In order to connect to Android Auto, conventional phones required USB. The newest smartphones come up with the technology to connect wirelessly.

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