Android Auto for phone screens app

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Android Auto App can perform numerous actions when compared to an Android phone with fine-tuned and tweaked for an automotive setting. Most of them will face dangerous and much difficult while driving and the app will assist them with ease directions. The three major functionalities of the App are an audio player, hands-free calling and also turn-by-turn directions. The system will allow the users to personalize as per their expectations.

Android Auto for phone screens app


You can get the directions by using the Waze integration to view Google Maps. Android Auto has a very flexible audio player to use. The Google Play Music will be the default player and allowing the users to listen to their favorite songs that are stored on their internal storage or external SD Card. Even it is supported by service integration such as Podcatchers, Spotify, Pandora and many more.

This app also consists of an in-built weather card to display the entire weather report of numerous locations including the current location that assists for long road trips. It also supports integration with various voice & chat apps such as Skype, your phone’s dialer, and much more. In case, if you had received a message through Skype or other messaging apps, Android Auto App will assist to read it louder without accessing your phone while driving.

Android Auto App – Usage

You can find numerous different options available within the Android Auto App while using it on your Android mobile phone. First, you need to mount or cradle your phone that is much accessible while driving the car.

The app will utilize the Hands-free calling feature to use the phone’s default speaker for receiving or placing a call. Android Auto will allow the users to read the text message much better on your phone display within this mode.

With best-supported integration, you can easily pair your Android mobile phone with an FX transmitter, use Aux cable for radio connection, car radio with Bluetooth-enabled or other connectivity methods. This connection type will allow the users to play audio through the App by using Spotify, Pandora, or your car audio system and also Google Maps directions.

Connecting your Mobile phone to the Android Auto App

It is essential to understand the basic requirements before connecting your Android mobile phone to the car’s infotainment system or radio system through the app. Ensure that you have updated your Android mobile phone to the latest version or even Android version 5.0 (Lollipop), if not Android Auto App will not be supported.

You need to install the Android Auto app on your mobile phone and also it should be compatible or supported with your car’s infotainment system or radio system.

Connecting your Mobile phone to the Android Auto App

You can follow the below instructions to connect your mobile phone through the Android Auto App:

  • Check your Android phone’s mobile data. It is most important to use a strong & stable mobile data or Wi-Fi (Wireless) connection to start working.
  • Also, check whether your car is located near the parking area.
  • Turn on both your phone and as well as the vehicle.
  • Make use of a USB cable for connecting your Android mobile phone to the car.
  • To access the Android Auto App, you need to review & as well as accept the terms & conditions of Safety notice.
  • For access, you can go through the displayed information.
  • Now, you can choose the options to display the Android Auto app on your car’s infotainment system or radio system.
  • Use the USB cable to activate the Android Auto app by connecting the Android mobile phone.
  • Also, utilize Bluetooth connection to pair the app with a mobile phone.
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