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Use These Voice Commands To Make The Most Of Google Assistant

How To Set Up The Google Assistant

Before you turn on Google Assistant on any device, make sure the setup is well configured.

Firstly, check the Play Store to see if your Google assistant needs updating. If updates are available, you can install them. You’re ready to get started once you’ve installed the latest version Google Assistant from the Play Store.

Google Assistant

Expectations Of Google the Pixel Buds:

If you’ve never used Google Assistant before, don’t worry, it’s easy to set up despite its sophisticated capabilities. If you’ve got Android Lollipop or later on your phone, press the Home button for three seconds to open Google Assistant.

    • Long-pressing the home button should launch the Google Assistant.
    • Next, tap ‘Meet your Google New Screen Assistant.’
    • Accept the disclaimer.
    • Now you use Google assistant.

The “OK, Google” hot word can be used to trigger the assistant after you have enabled your assistant on your device. To enable this feature, open the Google app and go to Configurations > Setup (in Google Wizard) > Phone > Detection of ‘OK, Google’ and activate it. That means that whenever you say “OK Google,” you’ll activate Assistant.

Welcome! You now have all kinds of opportunities to open applications faster, starting with simple website searches via voice commands, right through Google Assistant

How Can Google Assistant Assist?

How many messages do you send every day on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or other instant messaging apps? It isn’t easy to count, but from now on, you can speed up this process by asking Google to send you messages directly!

To do so, you have to say “OK, Google, send the [message] to[Mom]: what do we eat?” or say, “OK, Google send [Mom] a [WhatsApp] message,” then dictate the message you want to send. If there is more than one telephone number in your contact, you are asked to choose which one you want the message to send.

Google Assistant Opens Websites And Apps Directly

You need to say the keyword “Go to …,” followed by the site name to open your favorite website without lifting your finger.

Say, “Go to [site].”

Example: “OK, Google, go to”

If you want to start an application like the calendar to check your schedule after Google Assistant has been enabled, you have to say:

“Launch [app].”

“Example:” OK Google, launch calendar.

You can launch any applications on your device. Make sure you use the exact name of the app (which is shown under the icon). When the product has an unusual name, the method may not work.

Managing Google Assistant Obligations

Google can be your assistant to alert you of your obligations, set up your notifications, and even maintain control of your purchases on Amazon. All this depends on knowing the correct voice commands to use.

Set Reminders

You must remember paying the gas bill by the weekend, but are you too lazy to create a reminder manually? Wake up Google Assistant and say the following command:

Example: “OK, Google, just remind me on Friday at 8:00 am to pay my gas bill.”

Google is smart enough to make customized reminders, all in one phrase, based on time and place. But you will need your locations configured by the settings to make sure that the service functions perfectly and knows exactly when to remember an event.

You will be able to register your home or business address here and allow Google Assistant to activate at the right time only.

You only have to talk regularly to call Google Assistant. Speak as you would speak to someone else, and the assistant can follow your commands.

The assistant will take time to get used to your voice commands, but after a day or two, it will respond to your requests instantly.

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