Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 42mm (1st gen) – Full specifications

The day has arrived when Apple has entered the accessory market and launched their first smart watch!

A Quick Introduction – Apple Watch Series 1

Apple is counted as one of the most innovative smartphone makers globally, but they have stepped into the accessory market quite late. Multiple top brands have been in this segment for more than 3 years. Relatively speaking, Apple was late in joining the party. When Apple got down to it and developed the Apple Watch Series 1, all the fans went crazy! There were rumors all around the year that Apple was going to launch a watch and it has finally arrived. It has been noted that Apple usually studies the market before it releases products so that they don’t become a failure after the launch.

They obviously have a name to keep up. With the late entry, it has been forced to borrow a few features from other major manufacturers. In most areas, Apple is a great technology leader. Although late, we think that Apple has made a grand entry into this segment and will not let its fans down. Let’s get into the finer details before we take a verdict on this Apple Watch Series 1. For information on Apple Watch Series 1, check this out.


Most of the people were expecting the retro watch design to be implemented with Apple’s first smartwatch, but this did not turn out to be the case. Apple came up with a unique design of having the rectangular design dial. The touch screen is made up of 2.5D glass which added an extra zest of premium feeling with the watch. The watch is available in two sizes – 38mm and 42 mm. Different colored wrist bands are also available to attach to the watch. They are simple to change which is a great add on! The watch’s body also comes in different colors, such as silver and grey. The watch face can be customized according to the users need, making this watch truly unique and suitable for every occasion.

Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 42mm (1st gen) Reviews
Apple Watch Sport 42mm (1st gen) Review

Apple has initially launched three editions of the watch – the aluminum sport edition, the stainless steel edition, and the gold watch edition. The sport edition has the silicone strap makes the watch more suitable for casual occasions. The stainless steel edition has the steel watch strap which gives the watch a premium crown. The sport edition of the watch is the lightest of them all. If weight is going to be a deciding factor for your watch, the latter would be the best one for you. It is one of the lightest when compared to similar fitness watches as well which is a big advantage. We can comfortably say that Apple has ticked this box right.


The controls of the watch are pretty straightforward. This is because the smartwatch relies heavily on the touch functionality of the watch. On the right-hand side of the watch, you will find a favorite’s button. This will allow you to access your contacts or the menu with just one single click. A longer press of the button would result in opening the power menu of the watch. It is strange to note that Apple has decided not to let users customize this button.

With the world obsessed with selfies, this would have been an ideal replacement to click photos via the smartwatch. Just about this key, you will find a digital crown. It looks like all the users are going to use this button quite frequently since scrolling with this is much better than using the touch screen. It also gives the users a feel of the traditional watches. Clicking this crown also acts as an OK or as an exit key.

Audio Quality and Other Features

On the back of the watch, you will find that there are a very tiny loudspeaker and a mic that can help you in interacting with Apple’s own AI assistant, Siri. You will also be able to make calls through this feature, but this is something that needs more efforts from Apple. The bottom has a heart-rate sensor. This is also the place where you will be able to connect the watch with a magnetic charger. You will find two small knobs that help in replacing the strap of the watch. Changing the strap on this watch cannot get simpler – even a kid can change the strap on these watches. That is how easy Apple has made it!

Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 42mm (1st gen) Colors
Apple Watch Sport 42mm (1st gen) Colors


Since this watch was launched in parallel with the iPhone 6 series, the same screen has gone into the making of the watch. The 2.5D curved screen is powered with an AMOLED screen with a screen density of 326ppi. With the watch available in 2 sizes, the 38mm watch comes with a 1.34-inch screen whereas the 42mm model packs a 1.53” screen. The resolution on both the watches is different which is obviously due to the size of the screen. The viewing angles of the watch are excellent and there is not much trouble in grasping what the screen shows even on the sunniest day. This is something that many smartphone watches have failed to work on, but full marks to Apple to have mastered this problem.

Connectivity and Performance

In the connectivity department, we must say that Apple has not implemented something that many of its competitors have already explored. This series misses out on a SIM slot which you will find in many smartwatches these days. This means that the watch will not be able to connect to the mobile network. Though you will be able to use this watch as a standalone product, the features of the watch is reduced.

In order to utilize your watch to the fullest, you will have to ensure that you carry your phone with you and keep it connected to the watch. The watch is powered with Bluetooth 4.0 and can be connected to your iPhone and wireless headset in a jiffy. The watch is also able to connect to WiFi in case your Bluetooth is off. It is powered with NFC, which is one of the most important features to ensure that Apple Pay service works.

Battery Life

The battery life naturally depends on the usage. A heavy user might get through the day without a second charge. If you keep the heart rate sensor switched off, the battery lasts much longer. We have also noted that more the apps you use, the more the battery it drains, which is logical. The watch can be charged easily using the 2m-long inductive charger which is magnetic and very similar to the ones which have been used for charging the MacBooks.

Fitness Tracking

Apple has included a separate app on the smartwatch which helps you in keeping track of all your fitness stats. Apple watch does not feature a GPS which means it is heavily relying on your iPhone to track the location. The watch comes with a motion sensor which helps in collecting all the stats. Once you enter into the Activity app, it will show you four rings which effectively symbolize – total calories burnt, movement, exercise, and standing time. You will also be able to see them separately by swiping through the screen. Through the same app, you will be able to see a calendar view of how you are progressing on a day to day basis.

Apple Watch Series 1 Display
Apple Watch Series 1 Display

The workout app is another no-brainer for all the users. It helps you in setting goals and track different types of activities, such as running, cycling, walking, and climbing. All the goals can be set based on calories or time. With cycling or running, in case you carry your iPhone with you, it will also draw a map based on the location. All this data is also available on the health app on the iPhone. You will be able to access information, such as the number of steps, the calories burnt, and most importantly, your heart-rate stats.

The Verdict – Apple Watch Series 1

After a detailed review of the Apple Watch Series 1, we see that Apple has ticked most of the boxes with. Though we would have expected the watch to have an in-built functionality of having a SIM card, it looks like Apple has other plans. The company has been known to release things new to the market and start trending new tech. There might be something bigger in store! The build quality of the watch is amazing and something that we can’t find any fault with. The touchscreen and the display are faultless too.

Apple needs to work on the battery life, but since this is a first-gen product, this can be excused. It looks like the design is going to take the market by storm. Though there are critics who say that the rectangular dial does not look great, once you put it on, it becomes a fashion statement.  With the watch, you will get customized fitness tracking, which is another great feature. To wrap up, we can say that this smartwatch by Apple is a great buy, especially if you are an iPhone user. If you are not an iPhone user, why not check out the other great buys in the market? Take a look at our Samsung Galaxy M30 Review.


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