Fortnite’ announces ‘The End’

Staring into a black hole, the end arrives..

Fortnite Comes To An End

Fortnite is an online video game designed and developed by Epic Games. It was first released in 2017. In the final season 10 event of Fornite, the server went down. This left millions staring at a blank screen. The official Twitter account of Fornite tweeted “This Is The End”. Players believe that the gameplay map in this insanely popular video game will now be replaced with an entirely new setting. If you plan to start now, maybe these tips will help you.

Players and streamers alike were not able to log into their accounts. At the same time, fans around the globe were discussing and speculating if Fornite was actually coming to an end or was about to come back after a change. The powering down could not be construed as a mistake since it was intentional – a pretty easy thing to see. This is because there was a galaxy collapse animation for those streaming on in the lobby. 

Fortnite announced 'The End'
Fortnite announced ‘The End’

When Did This Happen?

Millions of Fortnite gamers were online when, on Sunday, this sudden incident took place. The sudden end occurred around 7 pm GMT when most of the elements associated with Fornite vanished in an instant. Everyone was left staring at the blackness as the entire world went dark

Instead of just tweeting the official END tweet, the game developers deleted all of its 12,000 tweets, leaving only one behind. Fortnite’s Twitch account which has over 48 million followers is now completely silent. 

What Exactly Happened?

The events began quite suddenly and were totally unexpected. The first sign was that of a rocket launching and exploding to create rifts. For those who know, this was similar to the Season 4’s in-game event. Next, the meteor on the island started showing signs of unrest. This had been static since the beginning of season 10. Many spacecraft flew into the rifts multiple times before the players were sent flying in the air. 

Fortnite Black Hole
Fortnite Black Hole

Gamers then started trying to decode the numbers that showed up near the black hole. Most players started using Google Maps to understand the location. The first numbers to appear took us to a crab cave. After that, more and more numbers have started showing up. Gamers believe this could give us an inkling into the next title and some hint about what we can expect from the next season. 


The final Fortnite season 10 event came to an end pretty suddenly with all the players’ screen blacking out. Instead, they now featured a black hole graphic. Millions of gamers tuned into their games or streams when they found out that they could no longer log in at all. The only available option is to hit the “Exit” button, which will take you out. But, you will not be able to log in again. Those who were playing the game saw the world collapse and breakdown. The status menu only showed “Anomaly Detected”.

It is not likely that Fortnite has come to an actual end since the popular battle royale game has a lot of potential and the developers know it. Instead, it looks as if the gameplay map used by the players since the release of the game will be replaced. Streaming has become so popular that gamers say they are earning more on Facebook’s streaming platform than on Twitch or YouTube.


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