Google Portfolio Performance Notification: You Will Now Get Alerts Every Morning

Things get better - slowly but steadily.

Google’s approach to integrating stock overviews into the Google Assistant has been messy. Although you can add stocks and view your portfolio with Google Assistant, the Assistant cannot tell you about your shares without you configuring some third party integrations to it. E*TRADE, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade have their own Google Assistant integrations that you can find and configure under the ‘Services’ section of the ‘Stocks & Brokerages’ menu. If you’d like to use any of these integrations, you will have to link your trading account with your Google account for each trading house. Google Portfolio Performance Notification is easy enough to set up.

Google Portfolio Performance Notification

After configuring the integrations, you will be able to ask Google Assistant specific questions and check up on your portfolio. You cannot ask the Assistant to tell you about individual stocks. Trying to configure it to do that doesn’t work, either. Tapping on the ‘Stocks’ options will take you to the ‘Stocks’ subsections of the ‘Your Interests’ menu.

Google Portfolio Performance Notification
Google Portfolio Performance Notification

Recently, though, there have been some developments, and Google is beginning to make improvements – in the main Google app, at least. The Google app now sends users neatly bundled stock notifications that give them an overview of how their portfolio is doing. Since the stock watchlist has always been a part of the Google app, we cannot call this feature entirely new. However, the design of the notification has certainly changed. In the past, Google would send users huge cards per stock, whereas the new design is much more elegant.

The Redesign

The redesign gives you a neatly arranged, bundled overview of the stocks you’re interested in, and makes all the relevant details available when you tap on the notification. Downloading the beta version of the Google app might help, but don’t expect it to come with the feature pre-loaded. The beta is available on sites like APK Mirror, or you can head to the Play Store and opt into the beta testing program.

To set your app up to receive notifications, you must first organize your watchlist in the Google app. Head to Google’s finance search page, or search for a company you want to monitor. Tap on the plus button next to the company to add it to the portfolio. Since the feature isn’t packaged in an application update, and it is a server-side rollout, you cannot do much to get your hands on it other than wait for it to arrive. Users are hoping that the Assistant will soon be able to narrate an overview of their portfolio without needing to rely on third-party integrations.


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