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Google Photos Mail Service: Google Photos Will Automatically Print And Mail Your Best Pics

All For $8 Per Month!

If you own an Android smartphone, chances are that you use Google Photos. If you do, you will know that the app highlights the best photos you take by putting its AI into use by grouping them, adding special effects, and so on. A few months ago, the app started automatically curating memories. They came up with an option that allows you to print out these photos in a new Canvas offering. Google is currently working on testing the service, Google Photos Mail Service. It allows the users to automatically print and mail the best photos you take every month.

Google will automatically choose the ten best pictures from the previous month and print them on 4×6 matte white cardstock with a 1/8-inch border. The company will then mail the set to you – all this for $8 a month. If you would rather receive a mix of the photos, you can let it lie. However, if you would prefer to have pets, people, or landscapes, you can set your preference.

Google Photos Mail Service
Google Photos Mail Service

Trial Run

This program is currently on a trial run in the US and only offered to a few select users at the moment. While it is not a very useful service, it is sometimes nice to receive surprise photos that could highlight some cherished memories of the past month. If you want to try it out straight away, visit the Google Photos website. Can you see a banner at the top of the page advertising the program? If so, go ahead and sign up for it. In case there is not, you can print your photos and collect it manually from Walgreens or CVS.

Google Photos Mail Service

So, what does this service exactly consist of? You will receive ten photos every month by mail, mostly from the previous month. As of now, this service is priced at $8.99 a month. Since it is new and just released, the service is being offered with a six-month free trial. While it is not available for everyone at the moment, Google is likely to expand its services once the trial run comes to an end. The service, Monthly Photo Prints, basically prints out the ten best photos of your preference, print it on good-quality paper, and mail it to you. If you love surprises, this is a great option.

Since most of us take thousands of photos and some of them quite crap, we believe this service involve curation. If Google is depending on an algorithm to figure this out, it could all go south very quickly. Since the service charges $8, it is only fair that the users get the very best photos. To achieve this, human curation is almost always necessary. Even if it works based on an algorithm, a human is likely engaged somewhere along the process. This is to ensure that each photo is absolutely the best.

If you are not too keen on this service or if it has not come to you yet, you can always print the photos you want and collect it from a Walmart or from CVS Pharmacy. This service came into effect since September last year.

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