Oppo A31 review

The renowned brand Oppo owned by BBK Electronics is all set to launch another big product. Oppo as a brand is famous for offering great quality and affordable gadgets catering to the upper and lower-middle-class group, majorly. The users can take advantage of this phone to take highly natural and bright snaps. The great display, battery-backup, and security add as major additions to the features.

Oppo A31 review

Oppo brings in another fantastic model to its collection- Oppo A31 Phone. Priced at Rs.9,999, it is gaining momentum to being a bit hit in the market. It runs on the Android operating system and possesses an Octa-Core Processor. It offers 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

Apart from these basic features, let’s have a look at some of the features in detail.

Display and camera

Oppo A31 possesses a single camera setup. The model has an 8 MP front camera and 12MP and two 2MP rear cameras. There are other features such as flash, face detection, touch to focus and few more. It also comprises the fantastic HDR camera feature helping one to click fabulous pictures. It comprises Auto face detection feature allowing one to take great selfies.

If you are looking for great clicks that are natural and vibrant, one must choose this model. The brightness level of this phone is good with adjustments available. You can tone down or increase the brightness as per choice. The phone also captures decent snaps in darkness. One can adjust the pictures with the help of various settings available. The pictures are clear and natural.

OPPO A31 has a sleek display with 75.5mm X 8.3 mm X 163.9 mm measurements. The weight of the phone is 180 grams. The phone has an exterior without bezels all around.  It comprises of a unique waterdrop notch. The phone is slim and sleek. It has got a touch screen that is highly responsive and multi-touch. The brand claims a screen to body ratio to be eighty- nine percent.

Oppo A31 has a 6.5 inches display. It is available in some beautiful shades such as Fantasy White, Mystery Black, and Lake Green. Fantasy White is subtle and soothing whereas Mystery black is dark and edgy. Lake Green is a beautiful hue accentuating the beauty of the phone.

The volume buttons are positioned on the left with the switch off and on buttons on the right. The SIM tray is placed above the power button, on the right.


Oppo A31 has a good battery life with a 4230 mAh battery. It lasts for one and a half days after regular usage of Google Maps, Whatsapp and a few more apps. Charge your phone within an hour or so with Oppo A31’s fast charger.

If a person is regular with phone and video calls, he can easily use the phone for thirty- three to forty-five hours without any hindrance. The phone facilitates telephonic conversations and video chats. It can be widely used for running a great number of applications for a prolonged time.

With good battery life, one gets to play heavy games on this device. If you are looking forward to playing games such as PUBG, one can opt for this model. The phone is good enough to play games on a frequent basis.


If one is looking for ample storage to store the necessary files, audio, video, downloads, applications then Oppo A31 is the correct choice for you. It offers 4 GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. It also offers expandable memory up to 256 GB. With such a decent storage facility, one can expect to store the necessary files conveniently. The storage is efficient enough to facilitate easy storage.


Oppo A31 performs greatly on various aspects. One can access a large number of applications on this phone without any disturbance. One can comfortably use Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Ola, Uber or any other required applications. These applications will run without any disturbance ensuring comfortable access to one and all.

The storage of the phone is adequate to support all the necessary updates. One can store sufficient data, files, pictures, videos, and applications to ensure better performance.

Gaming Experience

If one is an avid game lover, he can easily buy this model and enjoy playing games. One can enjoy playing PUBG to its best with Oppo A31. The battery life and screen performance make the gaming experience a fabulous one. The touch screen is smooth and responds effortlessly. It takes a second to respond to the user’s touch.

Oppo A31 offers high-security provisions. The fingerprint lock is available which is one of the strongest securities available. Also, one can easily access password security to keep the phone locked and secure.

Overall, Oppo A31 is a decent phone with convenient salient features. The impeccable display, storage, and battery life ensure a wonderful experience for all Oppo users. The superior camera quality is another fabulous feature. The camera captures clear and bright pictures. One can use interesting editing options to enhance picture quality. The display of the phone is sleek and stylish. It offers amazing features that ensure great usage.

Other Details

Oppo A31 is a good model in terms of storage, battery life, looks, and performance. The phone boasts of being a camera oriented one.  The quad-camera feature is the perfect reason as to why taking pictures from this phone is amazing. The battery life is an addition to the great features. Being priced at Rs.9,999 this phone is the option that describes the great design, battery life, and performance. It is a fabulous model at a very reasonable price. The pricing by Oppo has is a stimulus to the customers.

So, without pondering much come and get hold of the Oppo A31. It is a fabulous phone with great features which ensures great performance and battery life. So, if you are in quest of a fabulous model with amazing features, Oppo A31 is the one.

So, its time for all to grab this phone and have a lifetime experience!

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