Oppo F11 Pro Review

Beautiful design with great performance

Chinese popular Smartphone brand named Oppo has suddenly jumped into a 48-megapixel camera introduction with a large wideband of the launcher which is very latest. It is introduced with the latest technology of rear camera 48 megapixels attached with pop up selfies camera which is one of the main highlights in this latest launch in the market.

Oppo F11 Pro Review

Oppo Smartphone has two different colors such as thunder black and attractive green. The specifications of this mobile are very attractive by 12 nm and it is having a P70 processor coupled with RAM 6GB and includes 64GB onboard storage.

It is one of the highest technology designs in the Android 9 set up. Also, it has a 4000 mAh battery, which is designed the charging capacity has been reduced to 20% when compared to other device charges.


Oppo F11 Pro is having different attractive features such as 6.5 inches screen and 1080 x 2340 pixels. It is featured with attractive panoramic display and the body ratio is 90 % to the screen and it is very clear to determine the aspect ratio.

The black thunder color comes with a new triple format radiant color with a mix of black, violet and purple which is really attractive.

Oppo F11 Pro Design

The edges of the phones are carried with dual Nano type sim cards and it is also attached with the microSD card tray. The SIM tray is placed near the power button, which will be very easy to use. The power line button will be easily distinguished for the power button and the tray button that as an extra advantage to this phone.

The power button will be placed a little higher in the center age and you can easily differentiate with your thumb. An attractive design model with attractive color keys is embedded and when you tilt towards the sideways the edges are completely finished in a stylish way.

It is attached with the narrow-wide earpiece that has been placed on the top edge of the phone that includes a pop-up selfies camera that is placed at the center which will reduce the cancellation of noise in the microphone.


In the bottom edge of the Oppo F11 Pro, you will have a microphone charging point which is USB which is a mini capsule-like shaped that will be attached and arrange from left to right you can easily pin to charge.

In the rear side, it contains 48 megapixels with a 5-megapixel dual camera that includes an LED flashlight below the rear camera fingerprint reader is also placed.

This product is very comfortable to use and the edges are completely matte finished and it gives you a glossy look. The front camera slider is preferred with the rising edge and it gives you a beautification of portrait mode.

A smartphone is designed with spacious cover provided with a pop-up camera which will be easily sided out all the time.


When concentrating on the display side the screen size is very large and it clearly minimizes the muscles in the display and it is very high in clarity and the display is highly protected with the screen cover. In the display screen, the color detection is very sharp and it is identified very clearly.

You can easily view the display even in bright sunlight which is built with high technology and also Auto-brightness features. The smart mobile phone which is very modern you can adjust automatically the brightness of the screen according to your surroundings.

The auto button will be activated on the right side for brightening the display and the auto-switch button is also available for this option.


The technology is designed with a fast-charging product and it is one of the highest technologies with attractive features. The complete charge takes for about 1 hour 15 minutes where you can easily charge your complete mobile within a few minutes. Pop up selfies camera is easily accessed even if you unlock the screen it will also improve the brightness of the screen setting.

Oppo F11 Pro Performance

The color theme is very high indirect organization manually you can smooth your face detection in any kind of environment it is one of the highest technology processes.

Even when you are in driving you can set to smart driving setup mode in which you can easily connect the Bluetooth during the time of riding a bicycle. You can easily access mobile phones at any time.

It is very easy to handle and multitasking setup is easily done you can hear songs with excellent speakers and Google maps also fixed here to determine your findings which will not reduce your battery life.

Camera clarity

When concentrating on Oppo F11 pro camera clarity it is designed with 58-megapixel primary camera with including 5 megapixels a secondary depth sensor that gives you an excellent picture. 48 megapixels setting with no default you can clearly view the picture with high clarity which includes high definition quality of the picture that boosts the HD quality in the system.

Even you can shoot your favorite picture in night modes that improve the clarity in each and every shot. The objects are clearly defined and also it reduces the blurriness in an image. Choose the natural colors with including Street lamps in the street which comes out within excellent nightscape mode which helps to improve the clarity of shots.


Based upon overall performance it is concluded that it is designed with extraordinary performance and features. The design and display are also a very impressive battery life are also very good. The complete phone is extraordinary with a stylish look and good audio performance technology.

The body of the phone is slightly heavy but still, the screen is very attractive and little reflective towards the brightness display in the sunlight and it is very inadequate to the sun exposure. Smartphone Oppo is completely satisfactory. And the product has come out with the latest technology with attractive and impressive features.

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