Nokia 9 PureView Smartphone

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Nowadays everyone wants a smartphone having different advanced features. People look for such a phone which looks good, feels amazing and covers all basic high-end features. Therefore, mobile companies are getting you different great options of smartphones that can fulfill each and every need of a smartphone. Today you have several options for smartphones to choose which have the latest technology. So as Nokia is a well-known mobile brand, the company has brought Nokia 9 PureView.

Nokia 9 PureView Smartphone

Nokia 9 PureView phone has an excellent display, covers all the features that you require, and it feels great.  It also comprises an attractive metal and glass body. Apart from this, it has sufficient storage, water-resistant, wireless charging, and much more. This smartphone is especially best for photography lovers. Let’s talk about various other amazing features of this phone.

Advanced Technology

This phone at the peak of the Android era as it has the most advanced technology. It is the bearer of the next-gen PureView snapper. Nokia 9 PureView contains the first Penta-camera on the back due to which this is already ahead of the game.

Therefore, photography enthusiasts can get outstanding experience on a phone. Also, the phone has five 12 MP modules with the same fixed focal length of 28mm with a ToF camera. So the result of all cameras is combined into one for a supposedly spectacular image with a unique dynamic range.

Other elements of this phone are more up-to-date.  Nokia 9 PureView features an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a 20 MP selfie snapper able of pixel-discarding for improved low-light performance. Apart from this, it boosts the modern version of Android One-Pie and is dust resistance. Besides, the phone has all the essentials such as a charger, a USB –C cable, and a pair of in-ear headphones.


Nokia 9 PureView is a dual-glass smartphone. It has a glossy glass finish so the phone looks amazing. The phone relies on two pieces of Gorilla Glass 5 to keep the screen and the backside secured. The phone’s display is one of its strongest features. This phone has the chin below the screen that helps to use the phone easily and mistouch prevention when typing on the virtual keyboard.

Nokia 9 PureView Design

Apart from this, the phone contains three microphones in total that is one at the top, bottom, and on the back above the cameras. Due to such design, this phone feels sturdy in-hand and its weight is well-distributed. The phone easily fits into the pockets.


On standards like GeekBench, AnTuTu, and 3D Mark, you will observe that the Nokia 9 does well. It scored notably higher than the other phones like Galaxy Note 9. The phone’s software system is updated. Due to good storage, you can use many apps on the phone. Also, as the phone comes with Android One out of the box, therefore, you will get the quick and timely updates.


The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. So every image that you take with this phone utilizes information from all five cameras. The phone process those images that coming from all five cameras both quickly as well as efficiently. Therefore, it doesn’t run down the battery.

Globally Recognized

The Nokia 9 PureView phone is now available everywhere. You can buy the phone online or in the shop near you. After going through several changes and turmoil this phone has come up with a new and advanced version. It has become a game-changer. The phone is probably the most niche smartphone you can obtain on the market at present.

Another aspect that you can consider while buying the Nokia 9 PureView is that it has a multi-media setup. This is the great feature of the phone due to which the phone still has its position in the market.


This Nokia 9 PureView phone is full of potential. It has fantastic features and is also quite affordable. The phone especially has the power to shoot the best pictures. Apart from this, it is user-friendly, durable, safe to use, and easy to take in hands. So overall this phone’s all the features, design, and style are assuring.

Apart from this, under the HMD’s leadership, this phone had risen from the ashes once again. Besides, the five-camera arrangement on the back, designed with light and Zeiss hold s loads of potential. But then also the performance of the camera software is irregular at best.

Value for Money

This phone’s price is right where it requires being to match with iPhone and Galaxies. This is because it undermines these brands a bit. So because of its features and overall performance, Nokia 9 PureView is quite inexpensive and can grab your attention.

Hence, the Nokia fans and photography addicts with the limitation can go for this phone. The phone has enough punch to meet today’s demands trouble-free still under that Quad HD screen. Therefore, this phone is one of the best options for those who want some different types of phones.


    • The phone comprises a Flagship-grade high-res OLED screen with HDR video support.
    • It has excellent image output from the RAW files (needs time and skill for processing).
    • Due to the Android One program, timely updates are expected.
    • It contains rather cheap for a flagship.


    • Nokia 9 PureView utilizes the previous year’s Snapdragon flagship chipset.
    • Its user experience with the fingerprint scanner is bad.
    • The phone has buggy software and freezes and crashes occur often when using the camera.
    • It has no microSD slot and whilst shooting RAW + JPG eats storage rapidly.
    • Its default JPEG and video output is not flagship-worthwhile.
    • The camera’s elongated image processing is dreary and takes a toll on battery life.


With this information, you can get a comprehensive and best smartphone to use. If you like the Nokia brand and used to it, then you can think of this Nokia 9 PureView phone.  This phone can satisfy you with your many requirements.

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