Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Update Adds Galaxy Note 10’s Auto Hotspot Feature, an Improved Gallery, and More

Experience the improved features.

Samsung is on a roll. The Galaxy S10 series is receiving yet another software update. Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+ and the Galaxy S10 5G, and the other devices will now have more features than ever. The latest features will include gallery improvements, smart multimedia controls, and new Wi-Fi functions. The latter would include Auto Hotspot and other similar functions to the S10 series. This rollout is likely to be staged and could take some time before everyone using the above devices gets it. For Samsung Galaxy S10, the last big update was back in September, when users received features like Night mode for the selfie camera, Live Focus Video, and AR Doodle. This update, however, focuses on improvements to the Gallery app. Recently, the Galaxy Note 10 received updates as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Update

With the latest update, you would now be able to search your gallery using keywords. This is so cool since you can simply search using a keyword. For instance, if you type in ‘beach’, all your beach-related photos will show up. It is believed that this feature is powered by Samsung’s own AI, Bixby.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Update
Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Update

Other upgrades revolve around the addition of ‘Media’ and ‘Devices’ buttons in the notification pane’s quick settings section. You can tap the Devices button which will let you view all the devices that are connected to your phone. This includes smart home devices, Bluetooth-connected devices, and more. The ‘Media’ button allows users to see which devices are play media files and you can use this button to control the volume and playback of that media content. Some countries in Europe have already received the features and it has been successful. The changes are now being released in stages for other users globally.

Another feature in this update is the Auto Hotspot feature which allows your Samsung device to detect your phone automatically. You will no longer have to search for hotspots nearby thanks to this handy feature. However, this feature will only work if the other devices are signed into a family account or into the same Samsung account.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Update
Samsung Galaxy S10 Update

Improvement In Older Features

Other features in this release include modifications to the old releases, including use AR Doodle in the camera app, support for Samsung DeX for PC, and more. With the last update in September for Samsung Galaxy S10, the users received the AR Doodle feature. This allowed the users to draw anything with its spatial position remaining unaffected, even if you move about. The September 2019 update was quite camera-centric and features several camera updates, including a Super Steady mode for videos, Live Focus, Live Focus Video, and Night Mode on the front camera. The updated DeX support features new video editing features.

Wrapping Up

Samsung and indeed, other smartphone manufacturers, introduce new features in their popular devices. Once it is successful, they roll it out to their other models. Samsung has chosen to give out new updates for its latest Galaxy S series. If you own a smartphone that will receive the update, keep checking for it! You may receive it any time now.

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