Oppo A57 Review – User Opinions And Reviews

Let's take a look at this Oppo A57 review. 

Oppo F1s was a huge success. Following on the same lines, Oppo recently released the A57 in Australia. As is the norm with Oppo, it has promised excellent features at a budget rate. The phone features a 16-megapixel front camera and incredible performance. Let’s take a look at this Oppo A57 review.

Oppo A57 Review

Let’s take a quick review of the phone, followed by a section where we can see what the customers and users say about the device.

Design and Display

The phone is available in three classic colours – black, gold, and rose gold. Featuring a full metal body, the phone has a luxurious look and feel. It looks stylish and similar to a hind-end model. The 5.2-inch IPS screen allows for excellent viewing while being relatively easy to hold. It is also quite compact. The vivid and rich display colours make it a pleasure to use and the viewing angles are great as well. The phone stands out in more than one way. Its fingerprint scanner is located on the home button, which is usually not the case for phones in this price range. There is also the presence of Gorilla Glass 4 to offer additional protection.

Oppo A57
Oppo A57


Cameras are an important part of an Oppo phone. The A57, for this reason, features amazing camera capabilities. It has a 16-megapixel front camera and 13-megapixel back camera great under all lighting conditions. The primary camera comes with an f 2.0 aperture and the ability to record video at Full-HD resolutions. Oppo A57 has other features as well, such as the inclusion of beauty mode, filters, and panorama mode. While the back camera is not as great as the front one, you can still take good enough shots.


The Oppo A57 has reliable hardware similar to the older F1s model. It boasts of with 3GB Of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage. These specs will allow the users to run multiple apps simultaneously without experience any delays or lagging. The phone also has a Snapdragon 435 chipset instead of the Mediatek chip that we saw on the older model. It also comes with the MicroSD slot, so feel free to expand your storage up to 256GB.

Battery Life

The A57 smartphone by Oppo has a 2900mAh battery powering this 5.2-inch device. The battery life is quite long, and most users seem to be perfectly happy with it. With heavy use, it should easily get you through the day without any trouble. For light users, you can rely on it to last for more than a day.

Oppo A57 Review
Oppo A57 Review

User Reviews

User Turgidity reviews the phone as follows:


-very good camera specs

-good for communication

-ease of use in apps and settings of phone


-easily heats up which often cause sweaty hands

-playing fast paced games may not the best option for this one

-space is too little if you are planning to have quite a lot of apps in it


Good for simple tasks and great pictures to take. Playing fast paced games in a good fps will require a lot more effort to maintain its value in phone usage.

If you are used to sweaty hands while using phones, then you wouldnt mind much for this one. Caches and rubbish datas can be cleaned off easily by using its build-in system.

Steven2810 says

The best phone .. i have been using it from jan 2017 and still writing about this device by this phone .. best value for money .. i had only one issue was that off charging port as have sweaty palms rest never had any issue about the device . No lag no software issue nothing about hardware issue ..

23271 is of the following opinion

I have this phone for almost 2 years and it’s pretty incredible but it has some battery issues if you’ll enable Data in 4G and Full brightness and then gaming the batter will only last 2 or 3 Hrs If you have this issue better go to the nearest oppo center and change the battery immediately

Ps: It can play pubg but in low settings :>

Oppo A57 Camera
Oppo A57 Camera
An anonymous user says

Oppo a57 is good phone if you want to do some casual work on it like email, using high speed 4g internet, watching videos and also playing small games like clash of clans.

I tried pubg and free fire but there so many lags and heating issue.

Phone’s UI is clean and has some nice and useful feqtures but few things can make you angry, like the notification bar when hotspot is on always blink every second.

Talking about cameras the quality is very nice you can also use ultra HD mode but the selfie camera focus only on your face it will never show you details of background It may show you light green background as complete white background. UI of oppo should improve like stock android this phone will never represent notification neetly keyboard is little bit annoying and also company is not providing major software update.

User Arslan reviews as:

I have been using this phone Oppo A57 for 2 months.

If you want to buy a phone for taking quality pictures this is the best phone. Much better than samsung or huawei.

If you want to buy a phone for a good allround experience go for Samsung or Huawei.

My rating is 6/10.

User Shen writes

It’s a good deal for the money with mediocre specs. One great thing about this phone though, is the front cam. which is super clear on bright light. But this phone doesn’t perform well on low light. Feels and almost weighs like an iphone 5s. But if you’re looking for an overall phone for everyday use with enough storage for selfies, then this phone is just about right.

Conclusion: Oppo A57 Review

Looking at the review and user opinions, it looks as if most users are quite happy with the phone. Oppo has once again managed to come up with a smartphone that not only looks stylish and feels good, but has great features, capabilities, and offers incredible performance as well. The cherry on top is that all this is offered at a very budget price.

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