TCL Has Set Date for MWC event

The 2020 MWC event is set to take place in Barcelona where TCL will introduce its latest smartphones and technologies. Invitations were sent to media worldwide that revealed the company will have a[ress conference on February 2020 at 18:00 local time.

TCL Has Set Date for MWC event

The event is set to take place before the congress. This means that once the exhibition starts, visitors will be among the first to get their hands on the new TLC and Alcatel smartphones. Thus, it set to be from the 24th to the 27th of February.

Earlier this month, the company introduced its own branded smartphones the TCL 10 5G and the TCL 10L that were in the premium segment.

Both smartphones have been declared to have flat surfaces whereas the company’s other entry, the TCL 10 Pro is expected to have curved edges on the side.

Price Range and Features

All three entries are expected to have a quad-camera set up at the back that will be lined up horizontally (more like the galaxy 10 series).

The devices are expected to have a full range of upper-medium chipsets so do not be surprised to see a Snapdragon 865 in the TCL 10 Pro.

At the CES 2020 event, there were also four new Alcatel entries that were noticed. Hus the Alcatel 3L, the Alcatel 1S, the Alcatel 1V, and the Alcatel 1B. All of these were price tagged between $65 and $165 which is a modest price tag if you ask me.

Consumers are yet to see if the company may also add more devices to the Alcatel line or will just stick to updating its TCL 10 lineup as there wasn’t that much that was given during the CES convention.

There is so much expectation for the TCL brand and hopefully, the company will not disappoint.

Much like the previous years, the company is slowly making it a trend to release its phones during the late February period and I can’t say that it isn’t working for them though it is doing a great job for sales.

Competition between Counterparts

Alcatel is a communications device giant. And with so many smartphone companies emerging, there is just so much that the brand has to do to make sure it reclaims its position.

That being said, it is obviously going to take an immense amount of effort before it gains stage to compete with fellow counterparts such as Samsung. But let’s just hope that this new range of devices will help the company regain its status at the top of the throne.

If anything is to be said, this new TCL range of smartphones is something that’s fresh and maybe they may present a challenge to other smartphone brands that have existed over a while now.


No pressure or disrespect intended, but the company taking on this line has given TCL mobile industry some new big shoes to fill considering how successful the brand has been in the TV industry.

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