Atari Plans A Comeback with an Atari-Themed Hotel Deal

The first one in this chain will be launched later this year in Pheonix, Arizona.

Atari is the company that started it all. It brought about a revolution, after which games became more like a part of the lifestyle rather than just something which you did to pass the time. It started the home video game industry, which today has ballooned into a highly profitable business. Now, it is set to take another groundbreaking step by its new licensing deal, which could also be its biggest one ever. The company has reportedly got into a partnership that will result in the formation of eight or more Atari themed hotels around the US. The first one in this chain will be launched later this year in Pheonix, Arizona.

What New Will Be Seen?

These hotels will include arcade bars and fine restaurants, which will be endowed with virtual and augmented reality. Some locations will also include e-sport studios, which will be able to host and broadcast live sports events to the fans.


Person Behind The Scene

Atari has got into a partnership with Arizona based GSD group and True North Studio to make this dream come true. This is one of the many moves taken by the company to revitalize the brand name, which was once $37.7 million in debt. This move is credited to Atari’s current CEO Fred Chesnais, who has spent the past four years trying to bring the company out of debt, changing the organizational structure of the company and much more.

Though the foundations haven’t been laid yet, this looks like an ambitious move on the part of the company and the one which could indeed turn around its fate. As Atari looks to the future, the company, which now has only 20 employees, hopes to regain the long lost credibility in the market by using video games and the nostalgia attached to them as its primary asset.

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