Common Charger For Smartphones Ordered By EU, Paves The Way For Domination Of USB-C

This will help reduce electronic wastage and increase inter-operable charging.

Tell you what, the European Union will be enforcing a universal charger for all smartphones, owing to the reduction in electronic wastage and interoperable charging for all end-users like you and me by common vote appeal.

Technological Outburst

With the advancement of technology and smartphone devices, nobody is thinking about or even for that matter giving importance to electronic wastage. A common charger will serve useful to all the smartphone devices and users, of course!

USB Type-C’s A Saviour

A remarkable introduction of USB Type-C has proved to be beneficial for the lifestyles of proprietary charging connectors. It comes with a lot of advantages, like for instance, charging speeds, connection reversibility, and knowledge transmission charges.

Domination Of USB-C Common Charger
Domination Of USB-

Same Boat

A similar initiative was launched in 2014, thinking it would put an end to the electronic waste of 51,000kg back then and also help in avoiding charge clutter. The European Union was yet to approve it formally. They said they would require two years to include the rules to their national laws, and also, the manufactures will need another year to agree and implement.

Apple iPhone Users

What is the one thing that an iPhone user will not find in a sea of chargers? Something that resembles his own iPhone charger! Apple users will be at a loss for words because Apple will be the single most objector to the standardization of chargers as they have their proprietary lightning connector!

Last Word

In the initial draft, most of the voters are in favour of the ‘common charger for all’ policy. Yet, there still has to be a formal approval from the European Union. Their consent will put an end to the Micro-USB series. Let us hope for a better electronic wastage rescuer in the form of a common charger!

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