Xiaomi’s New Patent Reveals Another Foldable Phone With 5 Pop-Up Cameras

If you think that the Smartphone industry has hit the walls with their new features, you are mistaken. You are definitely missing out on all the work that Smartphone companies are coming up with. Xiaomi tops the list with its new patented foldable Smartphone design with an awesome set of five pop-up cameras.

Xiaomi’s New Patent Reveals Another Foldable Phone

The new patent shows some unusual ideas or the next big boom in its phone design. The unique part is that it has a pop-up design with a set of five pop-up cameras. It’s like Xiaomi is deciding to take the most hyped-up trends in the smart-phone industry.

The Earlier Design

Like many other Chinese smartphone makers, Xiaomi also experiments with their designs to attract more customer attention. In January, Xiaomi teased a foldable phone that folds twice. But while it looked cool and attractive, many noticed an issue with the model.

There was no sufficient space for a camera. Recently, Xiaomi unveiled a new concept phone, which has a screen that wraps around the body of the phone.

The Foldable Phone Comes With A Bang

The massive hit of the year is here.  As per the latest news, Xiaomi shares a teaser of a patent for a foldable phone with a beautiful ‘clamshell’ design and a pop-up selfie camera. The foldable design marked a return this year with the Moto Razr, which has a foldable screen as well.

According to Xiaomi’s patent, the phone could sport dual-cameras at the back too. The camera feature of this phone makes it more unique from that of other smartphones.

The phone features a 6.47-inch curved full-HD+ (1080×2340 pixels) and an OLED display. The device has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730G processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

Some websites are also sharing images of what the device would look like based on the patent. The clamshell foldable phone also has a tiny notification screen around the cameras. The phone comes with a horizontal folding line which when unfolded will result in a long screen.

The smaller screen appears for showing notifications only when the phone is in its folded form. Xiaomi is testing out a number of designs for the foldable form before switching to some other form.

Xiaomi Is Doing Wonders With Its New Launches

This is not the first time that a Xiaomi is patenting for a foldable phone with such a design. There were other companies too who have launched such a design.

Tiger Mobiles teased a new foldable phone patent, which comes with a similar clamshell design.  Samsung is also expecting that foldable phones will cross 6 million shipments in 2020. Still, it won’t be surprising to see more brands to showcase upcoming devices next year.

Wrapping Up

The trend for smartphones is going up as per its increasing demand. So, there is no coming back from the technology advancement that Smartphone companies are going to make. The demand, sales, and competition in the Smartphone industry are going to rise by this year.

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