5G iPhones Sales – Expert Apple Analyst Pegs at 85-90 Million Units

Wow! That's a lot!

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, which is a financial services group in the Asia-Pacific region has always been known as a noted Apple analyst, has claimed that the Cupertino-based tech giant will sell between 80 to 85 million 5G iPhones which will be based on the draw of 5G connectivity.

He also has published a note in which he most probably foretells that Apple will be releasing four 5G-connected iPhone models and also is planning to flood the markets with it. Although there were previous speculations that Cupertino will be going for the launch of sub-6GHz models first and might delay the mmWave phones for the start of 2021.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

However, with a completely unexpected move and taking the tech industry by storm, Ming-Chi Kuo has now doubled down on his prediction. In a follow-up research note on the 13th of January 2020, viewed by MacRumors, he said Apple is still on track to release both sub-6GHz and sub-6GHz-plus-mmWave iPhone models concurrently in the second half of 2020. Both these models’ shipments beginning in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter of the year.

iPhone 12 5G

If you are already in awe with this news then let us point to the additional features the 5G variant of the iPhone 12 may come up with, one of them being excellent image sensor shifting stabilization technology which would help to click stable images without distortion even when there is excessive motion.

Samik Chatterjee, a J.P. Morgan analyst, claimed that Apple will release a 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch iPhones and one 6.7-inch iPhone with 5G connectivity in 2020. He further predicts that the company may also introduce two high-end models (one 6.1-inch and one 6.7-inch) with support for mmWave, as well as 3D sensing and a triple-lens camera for improved Augmented Reality capabilities.

5g iphones
iPhone 5G

Apple could fancy waiting until late 2020 for its 5G phone is that the cost of 5G components may experience a drop by then, which would further allow Apple to release the iPhone 12 for around the same price as what you would have paid for an iPhone in today’s date. Although that’s pure speculation at this point, however, and Kuo’s report makes it seem less likely.

Even after all of this, the 5G networks will also be distant along than they are now, with 5G coverage confined to select neighbourhoods in just a few cities. As an example, T-Mobile has previously launched its low-band 5G network, which is offering speeds marginally faster than LTE traditionally has been delivering. So, yes, although Apple will come out with 5G devices later than OnePlus, Samsung, and others, the iPhone 12 could be hitting the markets right as 5G spreads its wings more and becomes relevant to more and more people.

However, countries with little to no 5G coverage will receive phones with 5G disabled to save on manufacturing costs, says Ming-Chi Kuo, which is probably a wise move for companies. This infers hardware omissions, so it won’t be possible to enable 5G via a mere software upgrade.

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