Huawei 5G Smartphones: Sold Over 6.9 Million In 2019

The future with 5G is here already.

Huawei recently announced that it had managed to sell nearly 6.9 million 5G smartphones in the last year alone. This figure includes HONOR’s devices as well. In comparison with other OEMs, Huawei announced more 5G smartphones in 2019 than anyone else. For instance, some of them include Mate 30 5G, Mate 20 X 5G, Mate X 5G, Nova 6 5G, and of course, the HONOR V30 5G series. The Chinese manufacturing company shared information regarding this. It looks like a large percentage of the 5G devices manufactured by the company was sold within China itself.

Huawei Mate X 5G
Huawei Mate X 5G

Having control of about 25.8% of the market in China, Huawei and HONOR are leading the industry. Huawei, on its own, claims about 15.4% of the smartphone market. While HONOR has not yet quite caught up with Huawei, it does boast of a 10.5% market share. It is interesting to note this since HONOR is Huawei’s sub-brand, even if it working as a separate entity right now. With regard to the smartphone market, China has the largest one across the globe. While India’s smartphone market grew in leaps and bounds last year, it has still to catch up with China. While 2019 introduced 5G to the world, 2020 is the year of spreading this tech. Huawei plans to ship more 5G devices than the last year. As of now, Huawei sells six 5G phones under its name and two more under HONOR.

Sale of 6.9 million 5G handsets

It is stunning that Huawei managed to sell about 6.9 million 5G devices in 2019 alone, especially considering the fact that we have simply not seen that many 5G phones on the market. It looks like 2020 is heading a completely different direction more OEMs than ever are working to release 5G smartphones and more. While 5G has been introduced to the world successfully and it has been accepted equally enthusiastically by the users, the rollout is quite slow. This means that it will take about a couple of years for the entire world to truly run on 5G. On the other hand, 4G is the standard across the globe. While we are sure that 5G will phase out 4G when the time comes, when will it come?

Huawei 5G
Huawei 5G

Overall, Huawei sold about 240 million smartphones last year, of which only about 6.9 million were 5G devices. The impressive fact here is that the company managed to sell these many devices despite the US ban. For comparison, Huawei sold about 206 million smartphones in 2018. This means that with the US ban, the sells only increased for the Chinese giant. Although the US ban is still in place, Huawei is not backing off. IN fact, the company has been working on HMS or its own set of apps since Google’s services cannot be made available on its phones. Although the work has been going ahead perfectly, there is still time before this can be achieved. One of the major challenges faced by Huawei is to replace the Google Play Store. We are yet to see what Huawei is planning for this.

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