New Xiaomi Patent Reveals All-Screen Smartphone With No Bezels

Xiaomi recently patented a device with the World Intellectual Property Office or WIPO. Sometime back, the company patented their phone with an extendable display. This latest Xiaomi patent relates to an all-screen device with full-screen surround display and an under-display camera. The smartphone came out in a series of patents on WIPO in mid-December. Although Xiaomi has filed these patents about a year ago, WIPO only recently approved them.

The Latest Xiaomi Phone

The Xiaomi phone features a completely unique design. With an all-screen ‘surround display’, you will find that indeed most of the phone is a simple screen. Except for the top and bottom sides, the entire phone is just display. There are no bezels at all. It is not very clear how a model like is expected to function while having enough tech in place so that accidental touch is not a problem.

Xiaomi Patent for Phone
Xiaomi Patent for Phone

The front of the phone, the back, and the left and right sides are all display. Apparently, each display works separately with their own layout. The main speaker of the phone is located at the bottom. It is accompanied by a Type-C USB port. The microphone is present at the top side. Another surprising thing about the phone is that you will not find a single physical button on the phone. Since there is no SIM card slot either, it looks as if the phone is designed only to accept an eSIM.

No earpiece makes it here either. However, this does not come as a surprise since Xiaomi is known to make use of tech that does not really need a physical earpiece to work. Unlike the recently released Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, this upcoming phone will not have any camera either. At least, not the regular variety.

Under-Display Cameras 

Coming to the next unique thing about the phone – the under-display cameras. So, it does look like this is where we are heading with designs in the future. The Xiaomi phone is expected to have one more under-display camera. Xiaomi, and even Oppo, have already shown us how the camera will look like and work. Gone is the period of demonstration. The device is all ready for launch in 2020.

Xiaomi Patent
Xiaomi Patent

That suggests that this phone is envisioned to include an under-display camera or more of them. Xiaomi already demoed its under-display camera tech, the same as OPPO. So, we could end up seeing the very first smartphones with such technology in 2020. The phone has undergone major design changes so as to be able to keep in with the latest tech.

Users would not be able to check the network signal, battery life, or other things at the top of the screen. All these details have been shifted to the right side of the phone. The time, weather, and other details would now be available on the left side. It looks like Xiaomi is thinking outside the box. This could lead to some pretty interesting innovations. Hopefully, the phone makes it to the production stage.

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