Off-Facebook Activity: Facebook’s Tool For Third-Party Data Sharing

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Facebook is used by a wide range of users and has a strict privacy policy to ensure the privacy of user’s personal data and information. However, in 2018, there was a significant violation of data privacy that exposed all customized posts to the public, including phone numbers of at least 22 million Facebook users.  Facebook has a feature of shadow profile according to which like button, share button, or the browsing history feeds the third-party websites to extract information regarding the personal habit of an individual user. Over time these small data collected create a unique profile, and the company is not transparent whether the user has any access to such profiles. This feature is alarming and has been vehemently criticized at the social platform. The “Off-Facebook Activity” tool of Facebook ensures the user to take control of the data that the third-party apps had been using for so long.

Off-Facebook Activity

This is an essential tool as it gives excess power to the user to control all the right things. While the application assures maximum security, there are a lot of loopholes as well. Facebook has the power to view information from apps and websites with the help of like buttons, sharing options, etc.; therefore it is an accelerated rate at which the third-party app is collecting Facebook data.

Off-Facebook Activity
Facebook’s Tool For Third-Party Data Sharing

The data is not entirely deleted, even after clearing history and cookies; the third-party application turns the clock to zero and starts all over again. To stop sharing data in the future, you can turn off everything or turn off the apps one after another.

To turn off the sharing of data in the future, you have to manage the future activity by turning off the ‘future’ Off-Facebook Activity. Facebook has been dramatically criticized on the social platform for feeding the third-party with the personal data of the user. It uses various tools to extract information from the user and shares personal information with other third-party apps. It is thus necessary to monitor the data that we as users provide to Facebook.

Facebook, headquartered in America, was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4th February 2004. It is a social networking site that is available in 140 languages and was initially accessed by students of Harvard. The application can be logged in from any device that has access to the internet, personal computers, laptop, mobile phones, etc.

Every user has to register themselves with identity details and create their own platform. Users can access or generate a wide range of content that includes a variety like news, pictures, videos, blogs, marketplace. It is a medium to connect with a large group of audiences at once. 

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