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How to Download Facebook Videos

On Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac

Facebook is one of the popular social media websites which is used by millions of users around the world and this is one of the biggest websites which is streaming very popular in recent days.


Facebook is a strong competitor with YouTube media for acquiring multiple advertisers. The only difference between YouTube and Facebook is YouTube has offline mode but this Facebook does not have offline mode options.


And also in this Facebook website you don’t have any buttons for saving videos in this article let us discuss in detail about downloading the videos from Facebook social media in an easier way to your Smartphone devices.


How to Download Face book Videos on Android, IPhone, Windows and Mac

How to save the videos to view later from Facebook media

Second, by second you will come across plenty of videos but you will find it difficult to save and download your favorite videos from Facebook here is the simple method to save the Facebook videos.

    • Initially just open the video from Facebook to choose your favorite video to save.
    • In that video right top end, you will see three dots.
    • Just click to expand the option.
    • There you will find the save video option.
    • Finally, your favorite video will be saved to the saved videos and you will have the option of accessing any time that is saved in the video menu on your Facebook.

Steps to download Facebook videos in iPhone and Android

    • Initially go to the Facebook video which you want to download on your device.
    • Just refer to the video below you will find the share button.
    • Click that button to copy the video link which is appeared.
    • Just take this video link copied on any browser or go to
    • Paste the link and tap to download.
    • On the next page immediately you can select the quality of the video to download.
    • Now you can watch the video that plays in your browser and you can download this video anywhere on your device.
    • Therefore the video will be downloaded in your downloaded folder from your browser on your smartphone.

How to Download Face book Videos on Android, IPhone, Windows and Mac

However, as if now there is no option of downloading the videos from Facebook on iPod and iPhone. The leading Apple Company has not been provided permission for any developer to download the videos from the social websites to iPod or iPhone. If you try to download your favorite video in iPod or iPhone it will just play your favorite video where you could not download it.

How to download the favorite videos from Facebook on Mac and Windows

Facebook videos can be easily downloaded to your device in the same way as Android phones.

    • Initially just open any of the browsers and visit the Facebook website.
    • Choose your favorite video when you click on it you will find the URL video just copy it.
    • And then go to to paste the copied URL and then downloaded
    • On the next page, you will find the double option of downloading in HD or normal quality.
    • Choose the option and the video which is playing on the browser.
    • And now right-click the video to save and to download the favorite videos in your Mac or PC.

Steps to download Facebook videos which you have posted

    • For this initially, jump to your Facebook profile.
    • Here at the top of the page next to your name you will find the menu bar with the button down arrow.
    • Keep the mouse over the menu box and list the videos which you have clicked.
    • Here you will find the album in the video section.
    • Keep the mouse on the particular video which you need to download and you will see the icon as pencil blinking on it just click that.
    • When you click it you will find an option of download HD and download SD.
    • Choose your best quality option and finally, your video will be immediately downloaded in the format of MP4.


In this context, we have discussed in detail about downloading the videos from the Facebook social media to your device for your future reference.

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