OneSearch: Yahoo Has A New Bing-Based Search Service

A privacy-focused search engine is a first!

Yahoo was once the be-all of the internet. This was during the internet’s baby years, sometime before Google came. However, today, we see Yahoo is barely surviving as a subsidiary of Verizon. In terms of a search engine, it doesn’t have a powerful enough product to place in the market. That doesn’t mean that the company is sitting quietly. They are working on building one! The new OneSearch is now available on the web. It can even be accessed via an Android app. Basically, it is Bing with more added features and really sturdy security in place.

OneSearch Verizon
OneSearch Verizon

Currently, the OneSearch website is part search engine and part sales pitch! If you visit the website, you will notice that the search bar is located at the top followed by the reasons why OneSearch is an amazing option. Some of the benefits include no ad tracking, no cookies, and no retained search history. In fact, if you enable the “Advanced Privacy Mode”, it is designed to encrypt your search terms in transit. If you want to confirm that OneSearch is powered by Bing, you can see it towards the bottom of the page. While the results are the same, you will not be able to enjoy Microsoft service integration and other features on the Bing website. While there is no clue yet if this service is good enough, at least we know it exists.

OneSearch Search Engine Features 

The latest privacy-first search engine in the market in the one Verizon recently introduced. It was launched just last Tuesday by Verizon Media. As with its competitors, it can be used on both your smartphones and laptops. However, the main area where it differs is regarding privacy. Where OneSearch is mindful of its user’s privacy, other brands in the market don’t seem to be. The search engine does not retarget, tracking cookies, or indulge in personal profiling. This means that companies will not be able to advertise you for targeting based on your search terms. In addition to this, Verizon has also mentioned that it will not share its users’ data with advertisers. It looks like someone is thinking about the users for once.


If you are talking about quality, Verizon mentioned that OneSearch is designed to offer completely unbiased and unfiltered search results. Another thing you might like to know is that the company will not store their customers’ search history. You can be at peace since the search engine will encrypt both the search and the results. Again, what link you click on the results page cannot be tracked, which in turn cannot be used for target advertising.

In the Advanced Privacy Mode, the search result links will automatically self-destruct, within the specified 60-minute limit. This allows addition protection to the users if more than one person is using the same device and in other similar cases. Although you will still see ads on OneSearch, it will not be based on your browsing history or cookies. In addition to Yahoo and TechCrunch, OneSearch is the latest by Verizon Media.

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