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10 Popular Apps You Need to Uninstall From Your Android Phone

Stay safe by uninstalling apps you never use.

Android is an open-source operating system designed and developed by Google. Since it is open-source, it is more vulnerable to malware attacks. With millions of applications on the Google Play Store, it is not practical for us to expect the company to keep an eye out, though they do their best. Some apps do escape their notice and it is up to us to remain safe. These malicious apps can pop up malicious links, steal your passwords, affect you financially, and generally ruin your experience. This is why we will talk about the Apps You Need to Uninstall in this post.

So, what can we do?

There are some specific apps and some app categories that you should stay away from. If you have it, it is highly advisable to uninstall them right away. In most cases, these apps would not be contributing anything to your productivity. In any case, there are always better and more secure alternatives available.

Types of Apps To Uninstall Immediately

In this section, we will discuss the different types or categories of application that you should uninstall from your smartphone right away. In the following section, we will cover the particular applications that are known to offer no productivity and are decidedly shady.

Battery Saver Apps

These battery saver apps don’t really help out in the way they are meant to. You might notice them extending the life an hour or two, but it rarely works like that in real-time! To actually conserve power, you will have to regular energy demand. For this, you will have to stop using or reduce the usage of energy-consuming apps. To do so, you would require control over the operating system. This, in turn, can only be granted by having root access. So, in short, your apps would not be able to actually help you save battery life if you don’t have root access.

Battery Saver Apps
Battery Saver Apps

Anti-virus Apps

We all tend to install anti-virus apps on our phones hoping and thinking that they would shield us from virus and other malicious codes. However, they don’t really protect us. All they do is to warn us and send us alerts about insecure applications that you may be installing. Even if you do have malicious files, these anti-virus apps wouldn’t be able to remove them. The best way to stay safe would be to stop using third-party APK files, which means that you don’t require an antivirus app anymore.

Cleaning Apps

Cleaning apps are a smart trick the developers use to trick you into downloading them and making you use them – for absolutely no rhyme or reason. We are so conditioned to use them that we never think twice either. You can always clean the cache and other things manually by going to your Settings menu. Besides not being remotely helpful, they are also huge power consumers.

Applications To Uninstall Immediately

Yahoo! MAP Free

Yahoo, once a popular name, is no longer all that trendy. Yahoo Maps was once highly used, but with others like Waze and Google Maps entering the market, Yahoo Maps just didn’t keep up. Although the Yahoo Maps are free, they are so forgotten that barely any of us remember it exists anyway. Besides this, in most phones, Google Maps comes pre-installed making it a pointless task to install a third-party application.  

Yahoo! MAP Free
Yahoo! MAP Free


This app gives the users a list of events happening nearby. You would be able to live stream it on your phone. While the idea behind it is nice, the app seems to have built-in malicious API in it. This could lead to damage to your phone.


Smule is pretty similar to the like of TikTok. Here, users upload their videos, and everyone would be able to view it. These kinds of apps usually come with tons of pop-up ads and it would be a surprise if it was full of malware as well. Sometimes, users would receive messages where they would be asked to join certain apps in return for cash rewards. For joining, you would have to give them your name, contact details, email address, and so on. They simply store this information and sell it later to third-parties.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The ultra-popular game, Mobile Legends: Band Bang, is an MMORPG game. Whatever you do, stay away from this game and do not install it on your device. The game is known to have malicious libraries that can affect your phone and even steal data. Besides this, you will be pestered with pop up advertisements and malicious links.


SHAREit was once a very popular application. It allows users to share data between two devices. However, of late, the app does not work as efficiently as it used to do. Today, it is full of popups, malicious ads, and even has some offensive content. There are plenty of alternatives to SHAREit that are way more secure and reliable.



You are certain to find Facebook on almost every device. However, with recent news arising about Facebook stealing data and so on, it is not really safe to continue using this. Thousands of Facebook users across the globe have boycotted this social media platform after it became apparent that data breaches were rampant here. If you must use Facebook, doing so from a browser is a better option.

Yahoo Search

Coming to Yahoo once again, it had a wildly popular search engine. Over time, it became filled with malicious content and is not a relaxing experience at all. Since Android is owned by Google, you will have Google Search come pre-installed on your smartphones. Despite that, if you still want some other search app, try Bing. It is far more effective than Yahoo.

Wrapping Up

If you have any of the above-mentioned apps on your phones, it is highly recommended that you uninstall them immediately. Do not fall for cleaning apps or battery saver apps either! With hundreds of clean, user-friendly, and functional apps being developed all the time, you are sure to find reliable and secure alternatives easily. Follow this list of Apps You Need to Uninstall immediately and never install them back again!

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