Sony Xperia 2 Will Likely Be The Company’s First 5G Phone

Instead of Xperia 2, it could also be called Xperia 1 Premium, Xperia 0, or something else!

According to My Drivers, a new Sony flagship is about to be launched, most likely to be named the Xperia 2. Sony will have a press conference at the MWC. During this time, the phone could be exhibited as well. Following the trend of 2020 flagships, the Xperia 2 will probably run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip as well. The SoC will be paired with the Snapdragon X55 modem for 5G connectivity. If this happens, the Xperia 2 will be Sony’s first-ever 5G smartphone.

Sony Xperia 2

The smartphone could come with a 4K HDR OLED panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio similar to its predecessor, the Xperia 1. This will make Xperia 2 one of the first 4K phone by Sony to support the next-gen internet connectivity. The screen is believed to be quite large at 6.6-inches. With regards to the camera, the Xperia 2 will have four cameras at the rear. Rumours abound, with some claiming that the primary unit will be a 48-megapixels sensor and others believing it would be a 64-megapixels sensor.

Sont Xperia 5G
Sony Xperia 5G

Besides the main sensor, the camera unit will have a 12-megapixels ultra-wide-angle sensor and a 12MP telephoto unit with 3x optical zoom. Sony’s 2020 flagship is also expected to feature the Time Of Flight sensor for portrait shots. The phone is also likely to have 8K video shooting capabilities.

Other features of the Xperia 2 includes IP68 protection against water and dust and fast charging. It will have also NFC, making contactless payment possible. While there is a chance that the company might name this upcoming flagship Sony Xperia 2, there is also a chance it might not. If it does not, other possible names include Xperia 1.1, Xperia 1 Premium, Xperia 0, or Xperia 5 Plus.

Sony’s 2020 flagship

According to several reports, the Xperia 2 (we will continue calling it that for now!) will have an 8-megapixels selfie shooter. With regards to speakers, it will sport dual front-firing ones. The dimensions of this smartphone are 168.2 x 71.6 x 8.1mm. The camera unit at the back does give way to a slight bump, but it is nothing very jarring. One thing that Sony has decided to retain is the physical fingerprint reader. Where most other companies have discarded the physical scanner on their flagships in favour of the in-screen fingerprint reader, Sony has decided to stick to the original option.

Sony Xperia 5G
Sony Xperia 5G

The phone is expected to run on a near-stock version of Android 10. It will also continue to have the 3.5mm headphone jack. While the price tag is hefty which is nothing surprising. It is because it is supposed to be a high-end flagship. It is still more affordable than other 5G models that are currently in the making right now. If the phone is well received, it could gain more popularity thanks to its affordable price tag and high-end features. It would also be a huge relief to Sony which has not had a break in the smartphone market for quite some time now.


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