Tencent-Backed Global Esports Federation Founded in Singapore

National Olympic Council wants the group to host an international tournament as early as 2020.

On December 16th 2020 a new self-described Global Esports Federation (GEF) was supposedly launched in Singapore, partnering up with a Chinese tech personality Tencent.

Listed itself as a global founding partner, Tencent Esports are looking forwards to open up relationships with GEF in copyrights, event management, talent training, business models and providing with drafting regulations according to the GEF vice president Cheng Wu.

Global Esports Federation
Global Esports Federation

The president of GEF Chris Chan who is also secretary-general of the country’s National Olympic Council wants the group to host an international tournament as early as 2020.

The industry of esports is certainly decentralized, game publishers behaving as a sole intellectual owner of the same and a self-claimed competition regulator, but now the time has not changed. As there are multiple organizations attempting to monitor the space, neither of which is officially recognized as the single global governing body within the industry, nor for a single game.


During the launch conference, GEF stated that it wanted to be “the voice and authority for the worldwide esports movement.” The whole point of this exercise is to make sure it stays a fair game and anti-doping for every competitor.

As described by few of the initial board members for GEF including Chris Overholt, CEO of esports team, Chester King, CEO of British esports association, Lorenzo Giorgetti, Chief Business Officer for the soccer club or AC Milan and finally Adrian Lismore, Chief Investment Officer of Calypso investment and former Chief Business Officer of British Petroleum.

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