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Find out if your Friend’s Battery is low through Tencent chat app WeChat

Does your friend complain about faster battery consumption by using chatting apps like WeChat? 

In this article, we will discuss if really the low battery problem is because of using Tencent’s Chatting apps or not. WeChat is a messaging application owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent. It has more than a billion monthly users, just like Facebook’s and WhatsApp users.

Find out if your Friend’s Battery is low through Tencent chat app WeChat

It is China’s biggest messaging app; does not limit itself to messaging but offers payment and flight book features as well. Then, why users and friends had been complaining about more battery drainage by using WeChat.?

Maintaining battery autonomy has been one of the challenges of smartphone users. Additionally, using such apps can lead to uncertain battery drainage which will later affect the phone’s performance and functionality.

Reasons for Poor Battery life

Here, are some possible reasons for poor battery life using Tencent’s chatting app-WeChat.

  • The app has many interesting features, but the users complain about it being slow, which is probably one of the reasons for higher battery consumption.
  • Moreover, WeChat, like the other video messaging apps demands screen time and functions only when notifications or alerts are configured, which ultimately hampers battery life.
  • The size of WeChat is big. It will take time to get the app download on certain phones that it can cause lag. Even if you download free stickers from the gallery on this app, it asks for extra space. The app contains many features and thus, the size is big which makes the battery low after usage.
  • Since it uses background activity consumes more battery and instantly lowers phone performance.

Not just WeChat, but other messaging apps such as Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp are also battery-draining culprits. This is because they constantly wake the devices to ping upon any incoming messages.

Should you use this App?

Yes definitely, you can use this app and recommend your friends to use it too. It has many good features that will help you communicate better.

Unlike, other messaging applications, WeChat has disadvantages too. Majorly it triggers your phone battery due to continuous background activity. Therefore, you can limit using WeChat and save more battery.

Why you should recommend this app to your friends?

Here are some amazing features that help WeChat keep its 806-million strong users hooked onto the app-

  1. WeChat Shake: Bored enough, just shake your phone and find a new chatting buddy.
  2. Moments: Since China does not allow Facebook, Moments help keep up with interesting feeds and info.
  3. WeChat Pay: You can make easy utility bills payment or shopping payments.
  4. Gaming: You can play games with your friends. It is obvious for this app to offer numerous games since WeChat’s parent company Tencent is the largest gaming company in the world.


If your friend complains using the chat app then it’s your move whether to reduce the usage or stop using it. It has many amazing features; it also has certain disadvantages. You can stop playing games on WeChat which will save your battery from lowering.

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