Amazon Black Friday Deals 2019: Everything You Need To Know

Gear up for the biggest sale of the year!

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2019

Amazon is one of the most online retailers across the globe, more so when they have their sales. What could be bigger than a Black Friday sale at Amazon? Earlier in the year, the company had its Amazon Prime Day 2019 which received enormous traffic and appreciation. It looks like Black Friday deals is going to be the next massive sale. Users will be able to enjoy early Amazon Countdown, Black Friday deals, and other deals leading up to the day. The Black Friday deals will begin from November 22 and will continue till November 29, 2019. This is awesome news! You will be able to shop all you want for one whole week the Black Friday sale is going to be on.

Amazon Black Friday Sneak Peek
Amazon Black Friday Sneak Peek

In addition, Amazon UK ran a “Hidden Gems” sale from November 8 to 12 where products from smaller brands were showcased and discounts were given. This provide an excellent way of gaining attention for the companies while we users received more options to choose from. Amazon US, on the other hand, has upped the game by having its own devices at heavily discounted rates. You will find Echo and Kindle at the Black Friday 2019 sale at Amazon.

Other Sales at Amazon

If you cannot purchase at this time or if something slips your mind, never fear. Amazon UK has said that after the Black Friday sales, they would have a superb Cyber Monday sale that is all set to be on from November 30 to December 2. If you miss this one as well, you can indulge at Amazon’s Last Minute Christmas deal which will run from December 9 to December 23. After this, you will see Amazon’s Boxing Day sale from December 26 to 31. While this is for the UK, the dates would be pretty similar for other countries.

Products and Services on Discount

With Echo and Kindle on discount, Amazon is doing a great thing for increasing adoption of its devices. Besides this, Amazon’s Music Unlimited service is also advertised with excellent discounts. The platform features over 50 million songs and offers a streamlines music streaming experience. What is awesome here is the fact that it automatically integrates with a ll your Amazon Echo devices. For Kindle enthusiasts, you can expect to see a 3-month free trial on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited reading offer. Here, you will be able to get access to more than 1 million Kindle Unlimited titles.

Amazon Black Friday 2019
Amazon Black Friday 2019

There is even a “’Amazon Countdown to Black Friday” sale which works as a sort of preview with deals and discounts on a few items. You will find anything from smart speakers, security systems, cordless vacuums, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and so much more. You should keep an eye on Amazon’s Gold Box deals page where they post details about the Lightning Deals. These usually last for minutes or a few hours and users can grab it while it is on. Don’t miss out on this year’s Amazon Black Friday Sale.

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