Google Play Pass: Premium App Subscription Service Coming Soon

Wait up, Google Fans! Google Play Pass is on its way!

According to a tweet posted by Google, it looks like Google Play Pass is all set to be released at any time. The company has been working on this subscription service for a long time now. By signing up and paying a modest subscription fee, users would be able to get access to hundreds of premium apps. The service first came to light last year and since then, has been compared to Apple Arcade. The latter is a similar service launched by Apple where the users can access premium apps and games in return for a subscription fee.

While the tweet did not say a lot about the time and other details of the launch, it is confirmed that it is likely to be released soon. The official tweet got a lot of attention.

What is Google Play Pass?

The news about this was first leaked in October last year. The subscription service seems to be priced quite reasonably, judging by screenshots sent by an anonymous user last month. The subscription fee would kick in after a free trial of 10 days. By using Google Play Pass, users would be able to access paid and premium applications like Limbo, Stardew Valley, and Marvel Pinball.

Google Play Pass
Google Play Pass

In order to attract most of the market, Google may be planning to create a new pricing structure. This could be designed to please most of its loyal user base. There are also plans for making certain premium apps available globally. However, the main aim of the Google Play Pass is to offer its users access to many apps and games. All of this would be offered for a modest monthly rate.

Apple Arcade vs. Google Play Pass

While Apple has already established its service, Google fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of Play Pass. The Apple Arcade subscription service allows its users to access paid apps. It is also working with its major players, such as Disney and Sega to increase the offerings. Check out our detailed post for more information on Apple Arcade.

More About The Google Play Pass

Google’s latest subscription model service has excited its fans. With this, users would be able to access premium mobile apps, games, and a whole lot more. The Pass would allow us access to over 350 apps without requiring to pay any additional charges. Everything would be covered by the subscription fee. To make it more appealing, the Pay Pass costs only a fraction of its original price for the first year. Post this period, the price will be reverted to the original amount. It is also a good time to mention that this is a launch promotion only.

Google Play Pass Apps
Google Play Pass Apps

Play Pass Catalog

Coming to the more interesting stuff, the Play Pass allows users to choose from various cross-platform titles. Besides games, there are many other apps that you can find here for free, such as the ad-free versions of Facetune or AccuWeather. Other apps that you could access include Toca Boca classics for kids, Reigns: Game of Thrones, Mini Metro, This War of Mine and Cytus, and more.

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