Babylon 5 is Leaving Amazon Prime Next Week So Start Streaming!

Babylon 5 is a very famous American space opera television series. Its creator is a very experienced and renowned filmmaker – J. Michael Straczynski. He writes and produces the same under Babylonian Productions label in association with Straczynski’s Synthetic Worlds Limited and Warner Bros. It is a novel-based television series.

Babylon 5 is Leaving Amazon Prime Next Week So Start Streaming!

Every episode of the series is based on a chapter of the novel. It is its 5th season, and it is becoming popular every day. It possesses a huge fan base. That’s why it was streaming on Amazon Prime. But one thing has to end, and so is the Babylon Season 5. It is leaving the Amazon Prime next week.

Streaming service to service

Babylon 5 does not have a regular base of streaming; it rides from service to service. It comes up on board with Amazon Prime since June 2018 and progressively streaming on it for 18 months. But its terms are ending with the same, and it is leaving the streaming house next week. I

t’s not very clear that where will it stream in the subsequent weeks. Hopes are high that it might hit on Warner Media’s new streaming platform, HBO Max, and this could be due to launch later this year.

Hit the Amazon Prime for streaming

Babylon 5 is already a goner next week. So, hit the Amazon Prime real soon and stream the series. It is offering an alternative path to stream through Comet. One can also stream on the TV by using the antenna if one is there in the area in the reach of Comet.

The storyline runs in the 23rd century, where the Earth Alliance Space station Babylon 5 becomes a major focal point. It gets all the attention amid the political tug of war, religious tensions, and racial problems in different course of times.

Fans are waiting for the show for a long time, and that too in the time frame when their subscription is on. It happened in June 2018 since then it is in high demand. IMBD ratings are also showing the same trend to reflect the corresponding success results.


Babylon 5 shows the mid of 2257 and 2262 by depicting the rise of technology faster than light traveling. 10 years back in the storyline, Earth itself met with a war which it consequently lost with Spiritual Tensions and Spiritual Minbari. The only escape out from the destruction is to surrender, so it is what the Earth did.

The futuristic set of episodes increases the fantasy and visionary view among the audiences. Michael O’Hare is acting as Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. Bruce Boxleitner is acting as Captain John Sheridan. The cast and setup give the real experience and will take you to the future world immediately.

The graphics used in the series are adding to the picture quality and the viewers’ experience. So, one must not wait anymore for anything; it’s already a goner in some days. Switch on the prime and subscribe to watch all the episodes in a single go.

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