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Best Tools For Android To Mac File Transfer

No more frustration as you try to transfer files from Android to Mac!

If you own a Mac laptop and an Android phone, chances are you might get stuck when it comes to data transfer. For so long, users have always ended up in frustration as their attempts to pair these devices went unsuccessful. Since it is highly difficult to pair up the two vastly different hardware and software, many third-party developers started creating applications that could perform this feat. Android to Mac File Transfer has always been a messy job. Not any more though! For a more detailed guide, check this article out.

For a long time, the best way to achieve this data transfer was by using Google’s Android File Transfer app for OS X. This allowed the users to transfer files from an Android smartphone to a MacBook or an iMac. However, its interface is extremely minimal, and it performs only the very basic functions. Another drawback of this software was the fact that it was not compatible with all Android versions. Due to this, many users have started the search for other alternatives. This is why, in this post, we will discuss the top options for Android to Mac File Transfer.


The HandShaker is a popular alternative for file transfer between Mac devices and Android phones. It is compatible and works flawlessly with all Android version and tablets. While transferring the data between two devices, you can be sure of a good speed and reasonable security. Since the data transfer between the devices happens wirelessly, it makes it more convenient for the users. T is also completely free for use for Mac users as well. This freeware software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. By that, we mean it has a Drag and Drop option that you can use to transfer your files easily. With HandShaker, you can not only transfer files but also be able to manage your Android device external SD card. This software allows the users to transfer files of different types including audios, documents, videos, and images among others.

Android To Mac File Transfer
Handshaker App

dr.fone (Mac) – Transfer (Android)

This software by Wondershare is counted to be one of the best file transfer software out there that could easily transfer different differ file types from your Android device to Mac. It is also compatible with all Android versions, making it far easier to use than other alternatives. The software can efficiently transfer different types of data including contacts, images, messages, videos, and other files. It can be used with different operating systems like Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. You can safely download it and use it anywhere. Besides transferring files between a laptop and a phone, it also allows you to transfer data between any two smartphones.

Commander One

Commander One is one of the more reliable Android file transfers software. Besides helping transfer, it can also edit, delete or create files. Among all the data transfer tools out there, Commander One has the reputation for being one of the most secure ones. It can efficiently transfer all types of files in no time. It usually transfers data between the devices by using protocols like FTP, FTPS, and SFTP. You can also manage your different cloud storage servers including Dropbox, Google Drive, and others in one place with Commander One. The tool also has custom hotkeys for quicker use. It also allows the users to open up different tabs to make the experience an easier and more convenient one. Commander One supports the most popular file types, including documents, images, videos, and so on.

Android To Mac File Transfer: Commander One
Commander One: Android To Mac File Transfer


AirDroid is one of the more powerful tools in the market. It allows the users to access, manage and transfer your Android device on Mac computer wirelessly. AirDroid supports different file types, such as photos, documents, music, APKs, and even folders. Besides Android and Mac OS, AirDroid also works with other operating systems, such as iOS, Windows and AirDroid Web system. It is quick, efficient, and secure, which ticks most of our concern list. AirDroid is one of the most famous data transfer tools out there, especially since it allows users to transfer either via their smartphones, using the web, or via the desktop client. You can do a lot more than simply transfer data. Users would be able to check out notifications, reply to messages, manage files, remotely control your device, and so much more. Lately, some users have complained about bloatware, but the company has already rolled out a fix. The troubles should not appear anymore.

Smart Switch

The Smart Switch Android file transfer Mac software has been developed by Samsung. It allows for transfer between Samsung and other Android devices. It also works the other way around, by allowing you to transfer data from your iPhone to Android device. Smart Switch allows for easy data synchronization between different devices. The device software update is simple and possible via Smart Switch. This is a great thing since you would be able to improve the performance of your device while allowing swift data sharing. Data backup is another brilliant feature Smart Switch has as it helps you create a backup of all your files so that nothing gets lost during the transfer. Other file types supported by Smart Switch include contacts, call history, images, messages, videos, audios, and documents.

Android To Mac File Transfer
Samsung Smart Switch


The SyncMate is a free application that helps the users transfer data effectively. It syncs files between your Mac computer and your Android device and helps transfer smoothly. This powerful tool comes with the ability to sync data between the different devices. It is all done automatically and there is no need for you to fiddle around. Since the sync function works in the background, chances of it affecting other apps is very unlikely. SyncMate supports images, documents, and a variety of other file types.


Although users have had trouble transferring data between their Mac devices and Android phones for a very, very long time, the time has come for easier ways. These tools and software mentioned in this list make it a very simple task of transferring data reliably and securely.

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