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Telegram Update: New Features For Employees And Students

Telegram recently provided an update with many features that can be useful for office work and also students studying in school. Below we will discuss all these features that are present in the new update.

Telegram Update New Features For Employees And Students

Chat Folder feature

The first feature is chat folders. Telegram now allows its users to categorize the chats in different folders. The user can create folders such as family, friends, important, work, etc. If you are a user who has loads of messages to handle, forming folders may help you ease up the management.

Desktop sync feature

It has added a feature for desktop sync. This feature will sync your folders with the corresponding apps. The main motive of this feature is to help the user use the chat from any device.

Channel stats feature

Another feature is the Channel Statistics. The channels which contain more than 1000 members will get these stats and the information about which post is most liked and has the most engagement. This will allow the channels to grow.

New animations feature

There are new animations for voice and video recordings. Telegram has also added animations for basic emojis that are static in most other social media applications. The sneezing emoji, vomiting emoji and other such have animations added to it.

Telegram has more features than other messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Messenger. These newly added features are denoting a high increase in users for Telegram under this work from the home condition.

This Telegram update will be useful for employees working in an office. It will also be useful for students for assignments and classes and other school work.

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