Death Stranding Fast Travel

How to unlock the Fragile Jump?

Players will need to walk a lot in the latest game by Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding. The title is based on reconnecting the Cities of America by delivering packages. Sam Porter Bridges, the main protagonist travels most of the time from one part to another.

Death Stranding Fast Travel: How to unlock the Fragile Jump?

As you know, Death Stranding is a game all about exploring places. Death Stranding Fast Travel is something you will desperately need. Yes, this game also has a fast travel feature but you are expected to pass through a fair bit of the game to unlock the same. Here, we are about to discuss how to unlock Fast Travel in Death Stranding and explain why you need it.

What is Fragile Jump?

Fragile Jump is able to teleport you to any safe house or distribution center safely and easily. The only catch here is the area should be covered under the Chiral Network to jump into places. Initially, Sam cannot fast travel to several places. Players should connect distribution centers and facilities first to the Chiral Network before doing fast travel.

Chiral Network

All the items you have will be stored automatically in the locker of a facility you started your jump in. Hence, you cannot complete the quests for cargo delivery with this system. Remember the facility where cargo is placed so you can pick it up easily whenever you need it.

Unlock Fast Travel in Death Stranding

You need to travel through the Port Knot City from Eastern Region to the Central Region so you can reach the beginning of Chapter 3 in story mode. It is the only way to unlock fast travel system in Death Stranding. You may be wasting time wandering aimlessly in the Eastern Region and want to 5-star all the preps.

But let us be clear that it’s really not worth. In addition, you can come back and do the same once you have better equipment from fast travel to the Central Region.

You will be served with a lot of story content and cut scenes once you land in the Central Region. After escaping all the cinematics, you will be able to use the private room and start your Fragile Jump, the faster travel system in Death Stranding. Don’t worry; we are not going to share any spoilers here. Read on for the next part.

How to make it Fast in Death Stranding?

You just need to go down to your Private Room to travel quickly in Death Stranding and look around until you come across the umbrella of Fragile on its wall. To enter into the fast travel menu, press “Square” when it prompts. Now you can check out all the locations available for fast travel.

Across both Eastern and Central Regions, Sam can fast travel to any place where he has visited previously with a private room. It also features the Safe House built by the player. These structures are built around the landscape. Make sure there are private rooms in between the preppers while placing your Safe House.

With that said, we hope you can freely perform fast travel. You can simply clean up the mess of your past deliveries by going back to the Eastern Region.

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