Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs

Have you found any of these?

There are hell lots of Easter Eggs and secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2 that we know most players didn’t notice. A Rockstar game cannot go without those secrets. Their stunning take on Wild West is full of Easter Eggs and players have been slowly uncovering the mysteries of the game since its release on the console.

Have you found any of these Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs?

Since the adventure game by Arthur Morgan is finally available on PC, could the expanded player base of the game be able to discover more Easter Eggs on RDR2? If you are taking your first steps in its American frontier, be warned because this guide is full of spoilers.


Of course, you can find one but it is not that easy to find. Head northeast of Heartland Overflow and north of Emerald Station in New Hanover. You will get a note in a small shack. Climb the Mount Shann and you will come across a rock circle. Wait for the night to go back and see a mysterious flying object emitting green light.



Remember that python Kaa from your all-time favorite The Jungle Book? Yes, you can spot her in Lemoyne’s forest.

The Hobbit House

You might come across a house on a hill en-route Bacchus Station. This Easter Egg is a tribute to the iconic prequel of Tolkien’s classic, The Hobbit.

Hershel’s Farm

If you have watched The Walking Dead, you may definitely remember the iconic Hershel’s Farm. Yes, there is a spot in the game where the farm’s door is painted with “STAY OUT PLAGUE”.

Hershel’s Farm

The Aberdeen Pig Farm

It is yet another weird spot to look for. After having a creepy dinner with weird siblings, if you are lucky, you will wake up in a huge grave. The Aberdeen Pig Farm is truly a jiggle to the Benders, a real American family. At the same time in RDR2, the family killed and flung people in a ditch.

The Donkey Lady

There was a glitch on the original RDR where you could meet a creepy woman with a donkey’s head. At Two Crows, it’s a Red Dead Redemption 2’s tribute to that weird glitch. Visit the horse mill and spot a skeleton of that incredible woman.

The Strange Man

From the original Red Dead Redemption, the Strange Man is also found in RDR2 but you need to play a bit harder. You need to visit Mattock Pond to find his cabin around the Kamassa River. Currently, only his hat is found.

Once you complete the game fully and come back, you will see the incomplete portrait finished showing the unsetting story of The Strange Man. He will be seen just behind you once you look at the mirror. Don’t worry; it will happen for a few moments. It is enough to give the shivers to even the most brave-hearted frontiersman.

Bigfoot’s skeleton

On the UFO rock circle at Mount Shann, you can also spot a perched eagle on the top. The eagle flies off, leaving a path to go behind the foliage. You will also spot a cave along the way with Bigfoot’s skeleton.

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