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How To Play Fortnite For Absolute Beginners

Attention Newbies! This is your guide for mastering Fortnite!

If you are a beginner to the world of Battle Royale, this post on tips should help you out. You are going to love this! It can feel uncomfortable to join a wildly popular game as a newbie, but these tips should help you understand the gameplay and jump in with a pretty good understanding. When you get going from the battle bus along with your 99 opponents, you will more confident than ever. This Fortnite beginner’s guide should help you make your way to the victory line.

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Fortnite For Absolute Beginners
Fortnite For Absolute Beginners

Fortnite For Absolute Beginners

1. Jump out as late as possible

The very first advice is to jump out as late as possible from the battle bus. When the Battle Bus horn honks, it indicates that you can now jump down into the map. However, it would be to your advantage if you jump with the rest. Wait until the very last moment and then jump. The reason for this is that there would very few players, if at all, to race against to collect items and more. It also means less competition for getting stuff and higher chances of survival, especially considering that you are a newbie. Make way to some sort of structure, such as house as chances are high of finding some loot inside along with some shelter.

2. The glider deploys automatically

This might be a good time to point out that you cannot control the glider’s deployment. It happens automatically when it reaches a specific height. All you can do after you jump is to lay low and find shelter in the nearest structure.

3. Play with headphones on

Even if you are all alone, it is a good idea to play with your headphones on. This will give you a better chance of hearing gunshots or footsteps. Knowing where the others are coming from and where you can run off to could mean saving your life.

4. Things on Spawn Island

When you spawn into Spawn Island, you will notice ammo, guns, and building materials around you. While you would be able to pick them up, you cannot bring them onto the Fortnite Map. A better way of looking at it would be to consider Spawn Island as a practice area. Check out how you can use things that are new to you and practice shooting here.

Fortnite Spawn Island
Fortnite Spawn Island

5. Trees’ destruction

This is a very simple rule that you can follow. If you are using your ax to destroy trees to get building material, do not destroy them fully. Stop when the tree has 50 Health on its bar. This is because leaving a path of destroyed trees could easily point the other players to you.

6. Using your pickaxe

If you think you have done something silly, such as building construction around you, don’t panic. Your pickaxe is your best friend. With its help, you can destroy pretty much anything. One thing to note here is that the red circle icon that comes up indicates the noise you are making. If anyone is nearby, you are giving yourself away. Take it slow. Don’t worry, you will become better with practice. Chapter two reboot should give you plenty of practice!

7. Consuming potions in the bottles

As you make your way around the map, you will come across different sizes of blue bottles. The smaller ones will give you 25 Shield while the larger one awards you 50 Shield. To save space in your inventory, consume the smaller bottles first as you cannot have more if you reach 50 Shield. The larger bottles can be consumed regardless of your Shield level.

8. Weapons in your inventory

Another useful point about the inventory – store your weapons like guns, grenades, etc. in your inventory. If you want to smash your opponent’s cover or structure, using a grenade is pretty effective. Having healing and shields in the inventory will help if you are surrounded by enemy fire and need some help. You can also share them with your squad if they require it.

9. Harvest materials as you go

Having an excellent aim and building strategically are the two things that can help you win the game. To build, you will require materials that can be gained by harvesting material, such as wood. With this, you can put an end to trees, chairs, and anything else you can think of. Explore and find out which structure gives you the most materials and harvest them as you make your way across the map.

Fortnite Harvesting
Fortnite Harvesting

10. Different kinds of bombs

There are many different kinds of bombs in Fornite. While it is known what grenades do, not every bomb reacts in the same way. Shadow bombs can help you hide for a few seconds as you gain an advantage over your opponents. There is also something called a Boogie Bomb which makes your enemy start dancing forcefully. True to its game, it looks like tiny disco balls. Here, you can comfortably take aim at them, but they would be too busy dancing to do anything!

11. Build Cover

There could be many reasons why you are building cover. But if you are hurt, it is HIGHLY advisable that you build walls around yourself before you heal. This is because healing and drinking potions could take some time to take effect during which you are vulnerable as you can’t do anything.

12. Playground Mode

This is very important. If you truly want to shine at Fornite, you should know the map inside out. For this, using Playground Mode is a good idea. If you are fighting against 99 players every time, there is no way you get to explore and learn the map. The Playground mode is an excellent way to explore all the areas and understand the cheats among other things.

For more tips and tricks on how you can play Fornite better, you really should check this application out.

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