Metal Soldiers 2 – Game Walkthrough (Android)

The soundtrack and the fast-paced nature of the game make for an entertaining and enjoyable time.

Metal Soldiers 2 is a popular action game where you use a pad to move around, target, and shoot your enemies. There are plenty of different grenades and weapons for you to use. In addition to that, you can make use of a Power Mech, a Battle Tank, or even a Helicopter! However, the other side comes prepared as well with many advanced equipment. A highlight of the features of the game includes the use of MS2 vehicles, new mission modes, different characters to choose, classic weapon designs, battle against enemy tanks and choppers, remarkable gameplay, and lots of enemies to fight.

Metal Soldiers 2
Metal Soldiers 2

Metal Soldiers 2

This game is a sequel to a game of the same name where the player takes on the role of a mercenary. His mission is to go as far away from the rival soldiers as possible. The game is designed to get tougher as you progress. If you are new to the scene, you will be introduced to a tutorial that will take you through the different moves and strategies. Players generally start from the first level and move up the ladder as you successfully finish missions. Each level will feature a different challenge where you have to rise above it and kill your enemies to make it out safe. Once you do, the waiting helicopter will take you to your next adventure.

The Gameplay

As you play Metal Soldiers 2, you will have to keep an eye on the enemies as you cannot succumb to enemy fire. You will have to steer safe of shots from other soldiers, falling bombs, and tricks like closed doors that only open if you hit the right target. The player will also have to join a tank battle and finish the level before the time is out. The soundtrack and the fast-paced nature of the game make for an entertaining and enjoyable time.

Metal Soldiers 2 Android
Metal Soldiers 2 Android

The game could give you a nostalgic feel, especially if you have played early 90s Nintendo games. While the game showcases very basic aesthetics, it is highly responsive and excellently designed. It is your classic arcade game – one you just cannot put down. Once your mission begins, you have to be alert as the enemy fire will rain down on every side. You will have to have your weapon ready and start shooting. In addition to land soldiers creeping up on you, the enemies will also have parachute down on you.

You don’t live a very charmed life so you cannot take a lot of hits. Aiming, shooting, and launching a grenade are simple enough tasks. The game has been designed to be quite simple although the gameplay is sufficiently detailed to keep it entertaining. However, you will not have any trouble with the controls since they are all easy enough. At the end of every mission, a helicopter will be waiting for you. Once you get on, your final score will be calculated and displayed. The score relies heavily on the number of enemies you managed to kill.

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