15 Best PS Vita Games to buy in 2020

With the dream to fit in the big PS game in everyone’s pocket, PS 2 came up with some evolution. PS vita is somewhat conquering the dream to be there for every being.

15 Best PS Vita Games to buy in 2020

PS Vita Games trending this year

Since Sony shut down its production of the console in 2019, it becomes hard to fetch out the beat game easily. It is now becoming a cat and mice race. The sale is on in 2020 and the best deals will be over soon.

1. Zero Escape: Virtue’s last reward

PS Vita is certainly a tremendous platform that has grown its popularity for the visual novel genre. It upholds its popularity through artificially created narrative and the rich casts of characters ensuring its gameplay elements between sections of the plot.

The plot follows a small cast of nine characters who get kidnapped and trapped in a warehouse where they risk their lives in the risky game. Zero Escape: Virtue’s last reward is a double spiritual version of the 999, a popular game in its time. 999 is also of the same premise and follows by the Zero Escape.

 2. Steam World Heist

If you are a strategy lover, this PS Vita is for you. It pertains to the best strategic approach in Vita games. The classic Scorched Earth or Worms games from Team 17 are somewhat the replicas for the strategic thrill in this Vita.

The Steam World Heist offers the best of colorful themes and graphics and its classic dialogues’ offering will dig out the beat of experiences.

3. Shovel Knight

This PS Vita will provide the gamer with an old school experience on the platform. The game is justifying the true sense of retro style and simplicity. It pertains to the old school characters and the user experience will take you apart.

4. Gravity Rush

Gravity rush offers unique gameplay by taking advantage of PS Vita’s strong hardware. It offers the best possible platform to experience the best actions. The absolute strong characters of Gravity Rush make it unique for the user experience.

5. Oldin Sphere Leifthrasir 

This game is best for the action game lovers, but leveling the progression of RPG, then Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is worth checking out. It pertains to the hand-printed art style which is giving the characters and levels for refreshing and unique user experience.

6. OlliOlli 

OlliOlli is a unique PS Vita version of the game which provides the best sports outlook to a game. This game is an eye-catching experience for sports lovers because it is one of the latest launches of the PS Vita in this platform.

7. Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Remaster 

The unique feature of this game is its combo package. The game consists of the combo package of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD experience to the user. Also, the game is providing the best RPG experience to the user.

The game pertains to a character Tidus who is on a journey with another character- Yuna having the ambition to save the world. Its unique graphics are another eye-catching feature for gamers.

8. Sony PS Vita (original) 

This game equips a much-vaunted OLED screen which is definitely a better version of LCD unit in the 2014 model. Coming to the fact that this version is not providing the best of the experiences when it comes to the gaming, characters, and graphics but it handsomely gets compensation by a dig in price downfall.

It comes under the shed of a very affordable price and quite effectively will provide the gaming atmosphere in the Vita model.

9. Sony PS Vita Slim

Sony is making some changes in the core game of Sony PS slim version by making it more presentable and unique by its features. It’s the 2014 version of Sony PS Vita Games versions. The design is a more portable and comfortable system but with compensation of OLED screen which is now becoming obsolete and replaced by LCD.

10.Pixel Noir TBA

This game receives its launch just before the discontinuation of Vita games. It is getting a lot of hype due to its unique graphic design and the character picturization. This follows the analogy from the famous Atlas’ Persona series and correspondingly getting fame and growth which was expected when it was offered.

11. YIIK (TBA)

This game possesses a unique 3D style which makes it unique among the other Vita Games. The stunning graphics and characterization are over the top which sets it apart from the league.

12.Fate/Extella Link 

This is providing the same taste of genre as of Fate: Zero, Fate: Stay Night or any other anime. The anime lovers are definitely going to like this game. It offers a similar face value as a Fate fan and the user will definitely be going to enjoy it. It is also among the last localized games on PS Vita before its discontinuation.

13. Shakedown Hawaii 

Shakedown Hawaii is getting characterization with open-world crime plot similar to Grand Theft Auto but it equips great graphics. This churns out the sense of retro and old school games like Retro City Rampage and these domain lovers will definitely like to bag it in their pockets.

It is quite an independent game, where you can escape from it without facing any consequences. This is certainly a selling point for this game.

14. The House in Fata Morgana

This is coming from the domain of Limited Run Games which is backing the Vita games for a long time. The game is basically a visual novel sailing the boat into gameplay. This is certainly a boon for those who don’t mind to spend hours playing on their PS Vita.

15. Hardcore

This is DICE’s launch and its launch is becoming a big surprise because DICE is getting fame for its battlefield games. Hardcore is one of its big launches and having beat the user experience and technical expertise.


2020 is coming up with lots of launches in the gaming world. All the PS Vita Games admirers are surely having a sharp eye on the latest launches. The above list will surely become part of the best of the buying list. These games will justify their fortune before the discontinuation of PS Vitas.

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