Mi A3 To Finally Get Android 10 In February

Hoping the update does not get delayed again.

Xiaomi’s customer support confirmed that the Mi A3 would get the Android 10 update in mid-February. The announcement comes just a few days after the Mi A2 began to receive the update to the latest version of Android. The situation is confusing, and Xiaomi is taking too long to update an Android One device – whose main selling point is fast updates. Android 10 launched in September. Generally, when companies begin to roll out updates to their phones, the newer phones get the update first. But this is not the case with the Mi A3.

Xiaomi Mi A3
Xiaomi Mi A3

The Mi A2 has received the Android 10 upgrade, and the A3 will get it over a month after the A3 (if it doesn’t get delayed). The reason for the delay is processor-related. Google’s partners get access to Android’s code whenever a new version is released.  Smartphone manufacturers can’t do much until the chipset maker updates the binaries for that particular chipset.

Xiaomi’s Android One smartphones get updates later than usual because the phones typically come with a Snapdragon 600-series chipset. Qualcomm prefers to update the binaries on the Snapdragon 800-series first, and the binaries for the 600-series are second priority. The Mi A3 is eligible to receive the Android 11 update later this year, and the Android 10 upgrade will not be the last major software update for it.

However, for now, fans have their fingers crossed and are hoping that the update does not get delayed again.

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