Modern Combat 5: Blackout’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Let’s directly jump into the article to learn the top ten tips and cheats you need to know to play Modern Combat 5: Blackout!

#1 The Four Classes

The game has four different classes to play. Each one of them has their own skills and weapons. You can attend the Recon class at the beginning which will allow you to practice and learn how to deal with firearms. The Assault class offers assault rifles and pistols while the heavy class is ideal for close-range combat and use of shotguns. The last class in the sniper one where sniper rifles are used for long-range shots.

#2 Accuracy Levels

Players will always need to keep an eye on the colour notifiers. This will give you an indication of how accurate you are. It is perfect on point when you are crouching or using a scope, a little less when standing, and goes down as you walk or run.

Modern Combat 5
Modern Combat 5
#3 Weapons Have Their Own XP Meter

Did you know that the guns can have increased range, clip size, damage and more? Every kill with a specific weapon can get you more points, allowing you to unlock better ones.

#4 Set Controls and Speed Sensitivity

Before getting started, we suggest setting up your controls and speed sensitivity. Enable the Auto-Sprint option. Ideally, weapons wheel to your right and knives to the left should do the trick.

#5 Auto-Shoot 

If you are new to the game, you may want to enable the Auto-Shoot option. This will automatically fire your weapons as soon as you focus on the enemy. Do note that this option can only be used in the single-player model.

#6 Medals for In-Game Accomplishments

Achieving in-game plays will get you medals and XP. For instance, a player will be awarded the Executioner medal if you successfully kill ten or more people.

Modern Combat 5 Gameplay
Modern Combat 5 Gameplay
#7 Skill Point With Level Increase

Players can use skill points to upgrade their classes. You can earn this by completing missions, going up a level, and more. Class skills can be upgraded with better SPs.

#8 You Have the Ability to Shoot Your Foes Through Some Walls

Did you know that you have some freakish ability as well? You will be able to shoot your enemies right through the wall! If the enemy tries to hide behind an obstacle, that’s no problem. You can get a better outline of the enemy by using a scout drone.

#9 Reload!

One of the first things you need to remember in the game is to always keep reloading your weapon. As you enter the battlefield, ensure you keep reloading by tapping on your equipped piece. You can also change your weapon by simply sliding a finger across.

#10 Gain More XP

You can earn more XP by firing tricky shots, such as headshots. Having more XP will get you access to more guns, gun attachments, classes, and different sets of grenades. You will also be able to use character customization options.

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