Oculus Quest is killing it in content sales

It is an all-in-one gaming system for de facto reality! That is why it is famous for VR gaming to the next level.

Oculus Quest is killing it in content sales


How does the oculus quest work?

Oculus pass-through is one of the features of the oculus quest and that permits the user for seeing the real world in black and white with the help of built-in cameras.

Need of having oculus quest

Well, many of you might be struggling to get the answer to why this one is important to have. However, everyone has their own reason but these are worth justifying buying it.

    • Display panel- OLED
    • Used lithium-ion battery with 2 o r3 hours playtime and depending on what you will be playing
    • Display resolution – 1440* 1600 per eye (Oculus Rift had 1080 *1200 per eye)
    • 6 degrees of freedom ahead and hand tracking
    • It has 4 GB RAM (that is just wow!)
    • Plus 72 Hz refresh rate
    • It has even QUALCOMM snapdragon 835 processor 

Features of Oculus quest



    • It lets reach to the next level of VR gaming
    • The world becomes your arcade
    • You can even make your move even listen up and all around
    • There will be no PC, wires, and limits
    • Able to listen to everything around you.
    • Feeling is believing
    • Oculus touch controllers – this permits one to arm yourself along with the award-winning oculus touch controllers.
    • Amazing VR Games – this device allows one to enter into the game rather than just watching. And this all experience would be very real
    • Guardian helps in keeping you safe – the sight of exploring the universe without tripping on your couch will be just amazing.
    • As the motto of the device is to help users in avoiding the close objects while playing the game (it means the user will be completely lost in the game) 

News broke about oculus quest sell out

Many game lovers might be waiting for this one to get out of their shell. However, their wait was over but still, this one is out but this went out of stock for some of the retailers. But soon, they all will be able to collect them. But do not lose your heart as you are still allowed to buy the quest from from several of the stores around the world.

Available games on Oculus quest

Get happy because there is an exciting offer for all those who just truly loved it. Well, there is a list full of games and excitement. Get ready to explore them –

Oculus Quest is killing it in content sales

    • Gone fishin’ Bait!
    • Cute castle defense: Ballista
    • LIGHT SABERS1 Vader immortal: episode 1
    • Bow virus bot: apex construct
    • Matrix VR: Superhot VR
    • Blowing up pigs: angry Birds VR: Isle of pigs
    • Accounting: accounting +


Well, those who have bought it go ahead explore the world and those have not gone ahead and bought it. The price which you would spend here is worth spending!

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