Oppo’s All-New Patented Stylus: Calls Made Easier

Oppo has been bringing in new features and attributes to its smartphones often. It is never the one smartphone company that shies away from experimenting with its products and delivering extraordinary features to the users, be it in the camera, design, or any other aspect.

Oppo’s All-New Patented Stylus: Calls Made Easier

Recently, it has announced a smartphone that shall come packed with a stylus pen. It is the next patent Oppo filing, which will give the users an experience of how a stylus will look when incorporated in a smartphone.

Quite frankly, the design of the phone is not at all compromising, given the inclusion of the stylus pen in it. It has a unique look that almost gets merged with the body of the phone and does not have a pit to house the stylus pen.

Further Details

Speaking about the advantages of the all-new stylus pen, reports suggest that the stylus can also be used as a microphone for further ease of use for users. It can be used to both make and receive calls. It is a battery-powered stylus that will connect to the phone via Bluetooth. Furthermore, there are two multifunction buttons on the edge of the stylus pen, which users can use to control the volume during phone calls.

On the outside, the smartphone has a very slim bezel on its edges, but when it is attached, the bezel seems more extensive than usual. When the stylus is removed, only a small portion of the bezel remains, which acts as the selfie camera module and also other related sensors.

The pen tip of this new phone goes into the camera module slot, and the rest of the stylus links up using magnetic pins, which aid in charging the stylus along with the handset. When placed in the camera module, the buttons on the stylus pen face outward, which then assists in adjusting the ring volume of the phone.

Bottom Lines

Oppo has decided to launch this new handset anytime in the near future and test the all-new stylus pen feature. Earlier, Samsung has tried its hands in experimenting with stylus pens back in 2012. But with the ever reforming technologies, one would typically ask why is a stylus pen required for phone calls when Bluetooth devices have become majorly prevalent in the market.

However, it is also good to keep in mind that companies often come up with patent designs that take years to be rolled out to the market. Sometimes, these designs also remain unused by companies depending upon the market trends.

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