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How To Beat Android 20 In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

An action playing game, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, was founded by CyberConnect 2 and was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is based on the Dragon Ball franchise and released on Jan 17, 2020.

How To Beat Android 20 In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The game was released recently for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and had a single-player mode of action.

The Dragon Ball Z:

Kakarot acquired immense popularity, with 1.5 million copies being sold in its first week of release. This action game is based on the story of Goku, which is the main character of the game. It is similar to Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The game has four different accounts at different levels – Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga, Android Saga, Majin Buu saga. Each saga has 7-8 levels.

The game comes with RPG focus. There are various activities within the game that the player can undertake, like eating food, exploring, etc. The Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot players confront the Android 20 in the Android saga of the game. Android 20 is coupled with various tricks to pull up its sleeves.

The Android 20’s primary attack is Photon Wave. This attack is characterized by the fact where Android 20 points at a red line before a beam hits ahead. At this stage, the Android 20 moves out of his to dive. At the Surge State of the Android’s 20, the Energy Balls appear. Since the balls fly at Piccolo, it is advised to keep a safe distance to ignore the projectiles.

Energy Drain trick

The Energy Drain trick is charged at Piccolo that drains up to 50,000 health of the player. The most distressing aspect of Android 20 is the ability of Android 20 to restore his health by the use of the Commence Absorption Mode, which has a white light that absorbs Ki blasts and heals it.

While the red light glows, it is advisable to keep a distance till the outpouring ends. Lastly, the counter-attack is a kind of kick that shuns and pushes the Piccolo back. This makes Android 20 free to take the moves like Photon Wave and is dangerous for the player.

The most important part of the fighting, which is seen from the moves, makes sure that Android 20, through these techniques, doesn’t heal. The second point in beating in Android 20 is to refrain from staying too long in melee range because this will stun or drain the Piccolo.

Therefore, to keep the game going for a long time in Android 20, the player should use Ki blasts and different super attacks to cut down Android 20 when the player is not in Absorption mode.

The most crucial point to be noted that while the player is in the Surge State of the Android 20, the move is represented by a red aura. This move represents more damage, and therefore it helps the player to check any attack. The most useful technique to beat in Android 20 is to use the special attacks from a distance.

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