Pixel Launcher Now Smartly Suggests Folder Names

It Is Based On Which Apps You Add

If you are searching for folder names to add applications into the device, Pixel is here!

Pixel has come up with many unique features such as quick access via digital wallet or dark theme scheduling. However, the most unique addition is the suggestions by Pixel in naming your folder.

Pixel Launcher Now Smartly Suggests Folder Names

When you are going to name a folder Pixel shall suggest you names and you can add the applications. This feature is very useful and is gaining popularity.

Know the steps to add applications in a new way

Before you add an application, know the steps to get some new folder names by Pixel!

Drag one application on to another to initiate the update. When the update is available, the folder shall be renamed automatically. In terms of YouTube, YouTube Kids is an illustration of naming folders by Pixel.

It will try to suggest various folder names based and the applications can be added easily. You can also apply the same to the messaging applications.

Get the latest version of Pixel Launcher

If you are looking forward to updating the application collection on the basis of the Pixel’s suggestions, get the latest version. One must have the latest version of Pixel Launcher to ensure that the update can be made.

With the help of the latest Pixel Launcher, one can easily include various applications with Pixel’s help. Enjoy this feature of Pixel along with the other added features to ensure a fantastic experience for all.

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