PUBG Mobile Lite Available Now for Download in India

Look forward to experiencing a smooth game.

Tencent Games, the developer of the popular PUBG game, recently launched the Lite version for PC. Now the company is planning to release PUBG Mobile Lite in India. This version would be available for download at the Google Play Store. It has been specifically designed keeping those in mind who use smartphones having less than 2GB RAM. This lite version was first released in the Philippines last year. However, the developers have added some new features, such as new “Buggy” vehicle, a new weapon “RPG-7”, increase in the number of players, and three new locations.

PUBG Mobile Lite Now Available
PUBG Mobile Lite Now Available


To put it simply, it is a much lighter version of the original PUBG MOBILE game. Since the main version of the game uses a lot of mobile resources, it doesn’t run all that well on low-end phones. Most Indian players have budget smartphones, giving them a poor experience. It has been a fair idea by Tencent Games to release a Mobile Lite version of PUBG. While the lite version has already been in Beta in many South-east Asian countries, it has arrived in India. Since the majority of the country has 1GB per day data packs or sometimes even less, downloading this shouldn’t be a problem. The size of the LITE version is only 400MB.

PUBG Mobile Lite Features

The lite version of PUBG was developed using the same engine as PUBG Mobile. The beauty of this release is that it works with devices having less than 2GB RAM while still offering the original game play to the players. The game features the Classic mode that has 60 players for the last 10-minute fast game. Previously, there were only 40 players. The map has also become smaller. You will also find that the game modes are now down to two – Classic and Arcade with one map each.

PUBG Mobile Lite in India
PUBG Mobile Lite in India

Regarding specific PUBG Lite features, you might be happy to know that it comes with Enhanced Aim Assist, Upgrade to Winner Pass, Weapon Recoil Suppression, Bullet Trail Adjustment, Location Display, Extended Time to Kill, Heal yourself while moving.

Talking about the installation, the pack is only about 400MB. However, the total size of the game will end up at about 491 MB. If you have not played PUBG so far, this might be a good time to start. New players will receive a ton of rewards, such as vehicles and gears.


Besides being lighter than the original version, the lite version comes with many optimisations that make it easier for players to use the app. This is so that players from rural areas and those playing on lower-end smartphones would still be able to enjoy the game in all its glory. India has always been a huge market for PUBG. The company has realised this and organises dozens of events and releases even special India-themed seasons as well. Not so long back, the PUBG LITE for PC was released in beta in India for certain players.

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