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What Is Google Maps Incognito Mode and How to Enable It

Enjoy a greater degree of privacy now!

Google Maps usually stores your location history so that you can always look back and see the places you have visited. This is an excellent idea since you can always trace your history. Sometimes, this might not be so great, especially if you don’t want Google diligently following you to certain places. Previously, you would have had to turn off location history for that. However, Google has come to the rescue. Announced in early October 2019, the company is now launching an Incognito Mode for the Google Maps Android app. This will allow the users to use the map for a certain amount of time.

Google Maps Incognito Mode
Google Maps Incognito Mode

What is Google Maps’ Incognito mode?

The idea behind the Google Maps Incognito Mode was first talked about at the I/O developer conference in May. It is expected to work similarly to the Chrome browser’s incognito mode. When turned on, users would be able to search for a location and even navigate to it using Google Maps. However, Google will not save it in history so your Google account will have absolutely no information regarding that. After Chrome’s success with Incognito Mode, Google released an Incognito mode for YouTube app on Android as well. This works in pretty much the same way as well. According to Google, these little features are designed to offer users more control over their privacy.

How can you turn on incognito mode in Google Maps?

Follow the short guide below to be able to turn on the incognito mode in Google Maps and use it accordingly.

  1. Open the Google Maps application on your Android smartphone.
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. You will see an option called “Turn on Incognito Mode”.
  4. Tap on it to switch it on.
  5. You can switch it off the same way within the same menu.

One thing to note here is that once the user enters the incognito mode, they will not get any personalised suggestions from Google. So far, this feature is only available for Android users. iOS users might have to wait for some time. The feature is expected to launch for them soon too.

Google Maps Incognito Feature
Google Maps Incognito Feature

The Launch And Other Features 

The Incognito Mode of Google Maps is expected to be released on 9 December 2019. According to Google, Android users will now be able to make use of an additional feature. Users can now bulk-delete information from their Google Maps timeline and location history. These features will be received by iOS users soon enough.

Other features promised by Google at the I/O 2019 include filters that can auto-delete location history, app, and web activity. The tech giant believes that the incognito mode offers the users greater control over their privacy. That is why they have been introducing this mode for each Google application, starting with Chrome, then YouTube, and now Google Maps. This allows users to decide whether or not they want a certain activity of theirs traced and added to their history.

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