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PUBG Mobile Lite WinnerPass Brings Exclusive Rewards, Challenges After v14.0 Update

Learn all about PUBG's latest updates, PUBG lite, and the WinnerPass!

Getting Started – PUBG Mobile Lite

If you have been losing out on playing one of the most popular games on the internet, it is time to put it right. If you have been missing out because you have a low-end phone, there is no need to worry anymore. Your time has come to start playing PUBG. This can be considered to be one of the major moves by Tencent Games, the developers of this game. The regular version of the game could be played only on high-end phones as it requires more graphics and better processor speed. The PUBG mobile lite version is something that is more inclined towards having the same experience on low-end phones. This will increase the user base of the game and will now offer a better experience to the players.

It is also good to note that this Lite version of the game is only available in a few countries, such as the Philippines and India. The developer plans to slowly extend to other countries. One of the biggest questions that come to everyone’s mind is how good is the Lite version of the game going to be? Will there be any new features? Or will the graphics of the game be so bad that it takes all the fun and enjoyment out of the game? Let’s take a look at what we have in store. Downloading the app is as simple as going onto the Play Store and searching for “PubG Lite”. If you are in a region that is supported by the game, you will find it in the Google Play Store.

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite

Download the app onto your phone and open up the app. You will find a similar boot-up screen to what you would have noticed in the normal version of the game. The welcome screen or the matchmaking screen is also exactly the same. One of the biggest things that you could notice in terms of the new app is the size that it occupies on the phone. The normal version of the game occupies close to 1.8GB of space on your phone.  The new Lite version of the app consumes just one-sixth of the space, at close to 340 MB. This should ensure that the app runs on phones that have limited storage options, thereby having more users on board.

PUBG Mobile LIte
PUBG Mobile LIte

Apart from this, you will also notice that the graphics of the game have been modified to a large extent. This should ideally be because the developers want to have users having as low as a 2 GB RAM phone to experience this game. By default, the graphics of the game are set to “low” – unlike the full version of the game. Here, you will not be able to fiddle around with the graphic settings. It has been noted that, at times, things which are at a far distance get pixelated due to the graphics quality. With all this being said, the overall gaming experience still remains the same.

Game Modes In The Lite Version

Coming to the next section – the game modes of the Lite version. The original version had multiple game modes. The Lite version, in comparison, is limited with solo, duo, or squad match in a third-person perspective view. All the matches are in the classic mode by default. Let’s not strike off the possibility of having all the other game modes in the Lite version sometime in the future. This is just the initial stage of the app. Thee map on the Lite mode is much smaller when compared to that of the full version. This does spice up the pace of the game and makes it even more exciting to play. If you want to know how to mute voice chat in PUBG, check this post.

PUBG Mobile Lite Gameplay
PUBG Mobile Lite Gameplay

The graphics on the map are inspired by the original version of the game. You will be able to find several resources, vehicles, and much more. With a smaller map, the number of the player fighting for the chicken dinner had to be recalculated, especially with a smaller map in place. This is something that many players have appreciated. There are only 40 players in the game instead of the usual 100 players. By reducing the number of players, an average round of the game in PUBG lite reduced drastically. This is because there is a lesser number of blue zones. The players get killed automatically when they move out of the zone. An average round is said to last for close to 10 to 12 minutes.


Let’s talk about the gameplay and experience. It is similar to what was being followed in the original version. You are dropped from an airplane and you will have to roam around and collect as much loot as possible. You also have to take down enemies while attempt to be the last person alive. The servers of the game are quite responsive, and there is not much lag.

However, there are occasional issues wherein the game starts lags when you are jumping or driving a car. It has also been noted that there are a high number of bot players induced in the game in order to set the count to 40. We understand that it will take time to accumulate new players, especially since it has not been released worldwide yet. Since more bots are coming into the picture, it is quite easy to score a Chicken dinner in this game compared to that in the original version.

Latest Updates

The app is already being trialed in the Philippines and India. They are now launching it in other regions such as Africa, Russia, and so on. There have already been many updates. There are a series of content updates as well. The game has received UI, emotes, bombing zones, and many more updates. It can be comfortably said that the developers’ hard efforts have finally paid off. The latest update of the game was extremely well received. The giant gaming developer Tencent has introduced rewards for loyal PubG mobile Lite players. This means that the players who keep logging in for 10 consecutive updates will be rewarded with the WinnerPass season upgrade. This feature was introduced with the latest update.

This will help the players in getting exclusive awards by completing tasks that are assigned on a daily basis and ranking up. Users can also aim at unlocking the Elite WinnerPass Season 4 at zero cost which is an added advantage. Taking a look at what else has changed in this version gives us more details. There are new WP themes and rewards, new outfits have been added, there is an updated version of the system settings,  a new customization guide is available at the user’s disposal,  and the graphics have undergone a huge improved. Up and above this, it has been noted that the matchmaking is much better in this version of the upgrade, making it an even playground when users are playing the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass

There are multiple kinds of Winner Pass which are available in the game. The Free pass is something that is available at no cost. For the Elite Winner pass, you will have to shell out 300 battle coins. The Elite Plus Winner pass can cost you anywhere between 800 to 2700 battle coins depending on the discounts that have been put up on the board. In case there is a crunch with your battle coin balance, you will be able to purchase these from the Shop section of the app. Besides purchasing the battle coins, you can also directly purchase the Winner pass that you require from the shop. Currently, there is only one map included in the Lite version of the game. Though the miniature version of the Eragel map is fun to play on, we predict that there might be more maps added in the future.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass
PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass


With this huge update, we expect that the number of players who play the Lite version of the PUBG might drastically increase. Tencent has paid attention to all the minor issues and has fixed them. Some challenges will keep you engrossed with the game for a long time. The smaller changes such as more loot, more air bombs, and faster game time are some of the highlights. These are likely to go a long way in gaining attraction. At the same time, the UI changes and the new emotes add extra spice to the game giving it a new dimension. The user base is definitely bound to increase. The developer of the game promising to expand this to other parts of the world when new servers are added on their end. Go ahead, give the new update a try and feel the difference!

It could run just as easily and efficiently as on a high-end phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or as low-key a phone as RealMe 5 Pro. Take a look at our reviews!

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